Ramblings #0821

8.36am – I’m already in the office with a cup of milo. Can you believe that? ^^ THAT, should be the normal time I reach office…

9.02am – A few things to do. A few errands to run. A few things to re-adjust. Today.

9.25am – Early in the morning and I can feel my blood boiling. It’s the first few instances where I need to raise my voice at work. They don’t listen. No matter how many times you’d said. They don’t understand. Even though you thought you are speaking a relatively common language. Sigh…


10.35am – It’s a storm! It’s mozzies! It’s chia seeds in my bottle! Wahahahaha… Okay. I’m bored and am still trying to make my morning slightly better. Shall I take a day’s leave and go jalan jalan? Hmm… audit period. Doubt I can do that. Sigh…

10.56am – TMD. That’s it! I thought of the solution and got the verbal approval from my boss. Shall try and implement it and lock ALL of you down! Bloody hell. Makes my blood boil.

11.15am – OMG… I’m going to puke more blood after auditing those things… I just stopped and relaxed for a short while and then there’s so many problems.

11.26am – OKAY! 2 solutions to counter that 2 different bloody scenarios. Give you slightly a bit of freedom and you take the system for granted…

12.11pm – Looks not too bad but… does it tastes as good as it looks? Applies to humans too.


2.56pm – Mood’s still a little dampen by this morning. Almost 3pm… maybe I should take a short break from work and just rambled on. (after a minute) Gee… nothing came to my mind. *LOL* Maybe doing some planning would better…

4.49pm – A sudden wave of sadness swept over me… Maybe I should just go home now…

4.53pm – Oh. It’s McDonald’s day today.

5.05pm – 4 more PDUs to go and I’m free for at least another 2.5 years. But let’s try and stop doing a last minute catch up for the next time round, though, I’m still not sure why I need to maintain this certification when it’s hardly in use. Maybe, I just didn’t want to waste it like that for something which I studied so hard for, at least for that very few days.

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