Ramblings #0826

12.30am – A nightmare probably? Coming in to see her sitting down and starting to cry, and then muttering something on her falling down… Hope she sleeps well throughout later on. I should tuck in early too.

2.45am – I woke up from a loud cry. It was little milkie. She’s crying for milk. Did she have another nightmare? It’s just 2am+… why is she asking for milk?

2.57am – Okay. Indeed. She wasn’t hungry and is now pushing away the milk constantly, and crying like mad, with the lil’ hub a little pissed. Actually me too. I seriously have no idea what happened, other than the fact that she kept screaming that she wanted to go to my godmum’s house beside. And so I opened the door and let her take a look at the closed door…

4.38am – WHAT! You mean 2 hours are gone and it’s almost 5am soon, AND she’s still awake!!! All the while asking me questions! O.O”’ How am I supposed to work tomorrow????

5.09am – There goes the lil’ hub yelling at little milkie but… you know… this little girl of mine did make an effort to try and sleep. Closed her eyes, muttered something under her breath, and then opened her eyes and looked at me. And then it repeated and repeated until she knew she really couldn’t sleep because she took a looooong “nap” earlier on. Poor thing, as much as I’m relatively against what the lil’ hub is doing, I can’t go against him in front of her…

5.32am – As long as she’s sleeping, I don’t care if it’s anywhere… *sleeping on my parents’ bed*

7.45am – Great. I need to wake up already.

10.08am – Brain relatively dead and yet helping a colleague to think of formulas at such times, is really a difficult thing to do.

10.45am – Goodness. What have I been doing for the past 2 hours???

11.04am – Gee… totally can’t remember what I want to do now…

12.22pm – A little disappointed, definitely. But I’ll try harder again… ^^

1.04pm – I guess I’m really not suitable for doing important things today. Can’t imagine where did I misplace my towel card…

2.15pm – After a lunch, and I’d received a lot more different “theories” on the recent missing plane of Malaysia Airlines. So let’s see… plane gone missing at 2.40am. Supposed to reach the destination at 6.40am. News only came out around 8am+, that’s 2 hours after it never arrived at its destination. And then there’s no debris at all. NOT AT ALL. There’s a trace of oil though, on the sea. 2 persons holding missing passports. 2 unidentified person not on the plane. One of the pilots has a flight simulator back at home. A plane tried to contact the missing plane, but only heard mumblings before it went dead. Any other information?

I sure hope those parts surfaced up soon… if any…

2.42pm – Okay… Shall I try and concentrate? Or do some plannings?

2.52pm – Hmm… I am quite sensitive to my surroundings. And if I sense something wrong on that… there’s a high possibility there’s something amiss somewhere… maybe it’s not there yet but if not stopped… I won’t know what’s going to happen…

4.07pm – Somewhat moody… PMS?

4.37pm – The lil’ hub asked me yesterday night, if I could develop an android game. Hmm… I’d briefly thought about it, but never in detail. Do I? Hmm… Should I? Hmm… But with so many things already in my hands… where can I find the time to do it? Hmm…

I’m stuck at another game now. Will stop fighting the war for a while and make peace by farming… HAY DAY!


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