Ramblings #0829

1.43am – Wow… I didn’t know it’s already that late… and I’m sleeping so late again… hmm… again…

8.09am – Shall let the lil’ hub sleep today and go to the office on my own. Shh… cannot give him a peck on the face, else he will wake up.

8.30am – Oops. Good morning, Bebe. I really didn’t mean to wait for you to wake up and send me to work. I’m just a tad lazy to go office today. It’s the audit period, you see. But it’s really nice of you to offer to send me to work. ^^

10.36am – Satellite pictures capturing pieces of big items floating on the ocean a few days ago, which could possibly be parts of the plane. If that’s the case, it would means that the plane had indeed crashed into the sea, and what the witnesses said were true. At 2am in the morning, indeed, it would be a little difficult to find witnesses. But why? Why no distress or mayday call, or whatever? Communication break down?

1.42pm – I am dehydrating… Maybe for safety purpose, we should all consider stocking up on bottles of mineral water, in case the rain really never come for another month or so… I can’t imagine what’s going to happen if there’s really rationing… Maybe we should also stock up on pails too?

2.25pm – It takes a lot of effort to keep the eyes open especially when you are doing something so mundane… *YAWN* Yes, it’s a relatively not so stressful job compared to all my previous ones. But at the same time, it can be quite dull and boring, so much so I felt like quitting. Hang in there. You’ve got a plan laid out, do not stray… Let’s add some more little milkie’s recent photos to your screensaver to brighten your day up!

2.42pm – Oh no. Just remembered that I have to finish the gathering by today. I’m on half day tomorrow, so I won’t have the time to do it!

3.29pm – $50,000 cash in 2 years and 4 months. Possible? *Pondering HARD*

4.53pm – Jialat. Thanks to that bunch of idiots, I think the audit this time round will be bad… very bad…

4.58pm – And that’s the reason why I’d raised that issue before… Because it will create a lot a lot a lot of problems. But since you never taken note of that last time, I’ll have to clear the sh*ts now. I should have insisted on changing it back then…

5.33pm – I think it’s not really a good time. For I can feel myself getting a little stress every now and then over this audit thing. Sigh… but… sigh…

6.03pm – $150,000 in 2 years and 4 months??? Totally not possible… -.-”’

7.04pm – I should probably stop playing game while walking, especially when I looked up and saw 2 strangers (of other races) starring at me…

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