Ramblings #0830

9.04am – Oh. Big changes at the other branch. I hope they are not affected. I still want to work with them, especially that 2 whom I’m so used to…

10.44am – Today seems like a very confused day. Stepped into the office not long later, got dragged for our team meeting. And then when it ended, while I was attempting to FINALLY take my breakfast, my team mate asked me in for another discussion. So only now, I started taking my breakfast, and then realized that the table at my cubicle got one issue and I got to get help. NOT to even mention that the lappie seems to be on strike too when it gave me the “chkdisk” screen early in the morning just now. What’s more? The pot luck which I had wanted to skip, had now been shifted earlier to 11.30am, which means, I CAN’T skip. Ah… changes, and changes, and more changes. Give me 15 minutes to get back on track.

11.19am – Breathe… Relax…

11.25am – Stress level too high. I need to bring it down. Fast.

12.13pm – I’m really glad that there’s this pot luck lunch organized by my colleagues. Right time, right place, just in time for me to stop thinking about everything. And some of the food taste great!


1.29pm – I stepped into the train as you stepped into yours. We passed each other but we didn’t know, for each are going their own directions. Is that how fate likes to play with us??

*REWIND* Unlike the dramas (especially the Korean ones). This is reality with the intervention of technology, i.e. there’s something called “Handphone”, which allows you to message the other party. And because of that, I get to give my lil’ hub a big hug and kiss first before he left for his stupid work. Sigh… really hope he can find a job soon…

6.08pm – TADA! Part 1 finished! The decorations for my cake tomorrow! Hmm… I think I should really heed the advice of my instructor and prepare all these a week earlier than the event so that in case if anything goes wrong, I still got the chance to salvage it.


11.34pm – And I thought she looks sleepy already… Perhaps I’m wrong…


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