Ramblings #0833

6.43am – I’m awake early, again…

9.12am – It’s back again. The tension, stress and anxiety from nowhere. Definitely am not living a healthy way when I’d been waking up early for the past few days though I’m still so freaking tired. It’s a vicious cycle as everyday it gets worse with the lack of sleep and piled up work. Letting this continues won’t do any good. I need a way to vent it out and relax. But how? Should I try on the Young Living Essential Oils as what the cuz had recommended a long time ago? 10.38am – Too much to handle…

11.04am – It’s raining again… ^^

11.16am – Admin taking half day leave today. Sigh… I’ll be alone for the other half of today again. Working environment is really important, you know? And so is the morale… But still, I guess I really needed a good break. When was the last time I went on a holiday??

11.34am – So there she goes… taking half a day’s off… Maybe I really should, too, one fine day. Not going for any lessons or doing anything. Just going back to my house and sleep, really sleep…

2.18pm – Back in the office after a session of hot yoga and lunch. Still, feeling really sleepy. I think I desperately needed some good rest, without any disturbance… Should it be tomorrow? Hmm…

2.47pm – Let it go. Stop fighting. There’s no way you can win, unless you live your life. It’s pointless to compare yourself against a level that’s not within your capability, maybe. You go at your own pace. You do the things you like. And then, you will win eventually. Plan. Plan well, though it’s hard to find the time. Take a step at a time. Rest if you must.

5.32pm – Remember those alphabet biscuits that you used to eat when you are young? Well, it suddenly dawn on me that I should try some too, and the best of all, form some words with those that I grabbed. And guess what? Here’s the first word that comes to my mind and I’m satisfied with it.


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