Ramblings #0834

6.24am – Not again… >.<”’

7.05am – And I saw a mozzie flying past… This is so idiotic. The haze came and the mozzies left. Now that the haze went away, the mozzies came back. Damn.

7.39am – I can’t sleep anymore… Help…

9.26am – Consecutive 5 days of waking up real early regardless of what time I slept. No good… No good… My eyes can hardly keep itself open anymore… If not for the audit items that I need to submit today, I would have taken an MC and rest at home.

9.48am – I’m lack of sleep. You are lack of sleep too. I’m in a bad mood and so are you. Your luck’s a lot worse than mine, I don’t have to mix with you to make yours better. You don’t heed my advice and don’t intend to, so I’m just going to say, “God blesses you”.

11.05am – Wow… impact still so big… Will it ever go away? Hmm…  Why? I don’t understand… It’s been so long…

1.30pm – Focus, focus. Hello?!!! Are you there??

3.28pm – WOW… I tried to re-organize all my TO-DOs again, and it gave me a number that’s at least 50 items? O.O Gosh… How did it mount up to that much?!!!! Looks like I haven’t been really that efficient for the past 3 months… Time to sit down and really reflect…

3.45pm – Oops… Sorry… I didn’t know you were really crying when I saw you dabbing your nose with a tissue paper…

5.01pm – Tomorrow is Hatha Yoga, so should I go and run errands later on? But it’s so troublesome to go home later, in those packed bus. But if I don’t get it today… that would means everything will have to be postponed!

5.47pm – Actually… I don’t feel like going back either… because there’s simply too many things in my head and I desperately want to clear it. But I’ve got a baby waiting for me back at home. So even though I really wanted some ME time, I’ll think twice, or even thrice about it. Therefore, let’s pack up now and start walking back home.

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