Ramblings #0843

12.58am – Once again… Disappointed… Maybe I should just give it up altogether…

7.35am – There goes the lil’ hub… Gone for a week? Seriously, if it’s really the truth, would my flare up or any sort changes your mind of not going? NOOOO… What is the point then? You would end up arguing with me, again. If this is the sort of reaction that you want (i.e. silence), I’ll just give it to you. *numb*

9.00am – Team lunch today but actually… it would be better if there wasn’t. I just remembered I’ve got some errands to run… Fondant. Where can I get it? Sigh…

10.31am – Maybe it’s just not meant to be…

11.03am – Last month, it’s from the left. This month, it’s from the right. Hmm… tomorrow??

11.10am – C’mon!!! BUCK UP AND CHEER UP!! Feeling so low won’t get you anywhere at all!! You still have a lot of things to do and errands to run!!!

1.44pm – Don’t give up. Stay awake!!

2.00pm – Friend’s offline. Suddenly I feel so lonely… Sigh… It seems quiet today. Not peaceful, it’s quiet, and I don’t like it.

2.40pm – Ooooh… I didn’t know that it really works… (starring at the amount on the screen). Wow… The world is really full of mysteries, just like the disappearance of MH370. Really… I still don’t believe whatever that they said. Something just seems amiss… Hmm… and now I’m beginning to wonder if it’s true about those articles that I’d read, about how MH370 got controlled by another system… I wouldn’t be surprised if it could really happen. After all, technologies relatively advance nowadays. It’s just that we don’t use it in our everyday life because it’s too expensive. But to come up with just a few of the systems, machines or equipments, seriously, I don’t think it’s that difficult.

3.48pm – I don’t understand. I really don’t. Why is it that people at this age (older than me) still wants to play such stupid, ridiculous and dangerous “game”? If that guy is a jerk, and if you don’t like him, then just simply cut him off your life and your friend’s. If that guy is a jerk, and you still like him, then continue. What is the POINT of “playing” with that guy? What is the whole purpose? Don’t you have enough things to do? You want him to get out of your life but yet you kept him in your friend’s life, and then your friend kept updating you about what that guy is doing. WTF. *facepalm*

4.45pm – Damn. It’s difficult to write proposals. TOO long never write one already… … …

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