Ramblings #0869

9.45am – Okay. Just let me spend the morning to sort out my work first… before I start anything else. Seems like the holiday last Thursday somewhat messed up my schedule. Urgh.

Good morning! It’s Monday again… Urgh.

11.29am – Bought a handphone cover and a bedsheet online at Qoo10 already. So what else? I’ve got another coupon available now… don’t really want to waste that… hmm…

11.52am – I saw her running towards my mother. “Walk slowly.” I said to her. And she did, strolling and taking her own sweet time while my mum waited at the other end of the corridor. If only life is a little bit slower in this country…

I just had a chat with this dear friend. She just got promoted but yet I worried for her health. I’m pretty sure she’s happy in a way, but then on the other hand, she’s kept really busy with all the new responsibilities. Health versus money. Which one would you rather choose?

2.49pm – So full but I’m still having those fruits. A piece of papaya and banana. Hmm… that reminds me. I think little milkie hasn’t been eating much vegetables and fruits again.

4.07pm – Oh!! I’m finally remembered!! After 11 days! But better late than never… ah… I miss those days…

4.14pm – Oh dear… a change of phone and the height of the words changed! Even though it’s the same application! Ah… I should have known better… But you can’t expect me not to change my phone too, right? Sigh… I guess I’ll just have to accept it. At least, the font is still the same. Don’t aim for perfection, girl… *pat pat*

4.48pm – Less than 2 more months. I’m so sending her to the childcare. Or else… it’s really going to be bad…

4.59pm – When you are surrounded by friends and relatives who have children, and yet you don’t have even though you’d tried. I know, it can be quite demoralizing… *pat pat* Press on! Good things must wait!

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