Ramblings #0872

9.28am – Yes, I don’t, and I know that I’ll never understand people. But I do know that if you are not in a good mood, you try not to spread it, especially early in the morning. So what’s the problem? My drinking session tonight had been cancelled, by me. Why? Here goes…

Since 2 weeks ago, we had agreed on going for a drink tonight, but the venue wasn’t set even till yesterday. So one of them, A, decided to offer his place, and thus myself and B gladly agreed. And what’s left was to wait for C to agree. And so the conversation stopped there and the rest continued their usual nonsensical talk. Then this morning, C finally messaged and asked where’s the venue. Apparently it seems like A is busy, B is probably sleeping, and I’m having breakfast, and thus none of us replied. And the rest who are in the chatroom but are not going didn’t reply either. Thus, after 8 MINUTES, C replied and said she’ll pass this drinking session. To me, it’s simply just WTH. To me, the venue had been set, just waiting confirmation from C. And the reason for C asking where’s the location goes to show that she probably never finish reading all the messages of yesterday’s. Just wait, can’t you? So in a fit of irritation, I cancelled it. Probably for the better. I think I should just concentrate on getting my health back, and spend time with little milkie instead.

1.14pm – Oh. Someone’s mood’s finally better to talk. Okay, I’m alright already, so will resume with the drinking session.

2.54pm – One of the moments in my life where I feel like slapping the system, not for anger, but for a mixture of both stupidity and joy. I finally, after 2.5 years in this company, found the path to add in the values of a list… Bloody hell…

3.30pm – Wow… such scary lightnings… I think some aliens came down again…

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