Ramblings #0913

12.36am – I’m just going to sleep…

6.04am – WTH… Why does little milkie cry more than half the time when the lil’ hub is sleeping beside her???

6.52am – … and I am still awake…

7.25am – … am I still awake?…

7.45am – … great… I have to be awake…

8.44am – Hmm… Did the lil’ hub get me any birthday present this year?? *recalling hard* It seems like he just act blur and then that’s it!! No, I really don’t recall anything… *sulk*

10.46am – I want to buy. I don’t want to buy. But I really want to buy. Hmm… Hmm… Hmm…

10.48am – Oops. Did I accidentally click that “Check Out” button? *LMAO*


10.57am – AH!!!!! I didn’t know I got it at a discounted price!!! Now that I’d received the bill and checked on their homepage, then I realised that there’s a promotion going on!!! KUDOS!!! I’m SO LUCKY!!!! HOORAY!!! *SO EXTREMELY HAPPY*

11.11am – DONE. *GRIN*

12.10pm – Its carbonara, not carborana. I repeat, carboNARA.

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