Ramblings #0934

7.41am – Felt a little somewhat emo today. Must be the lack of sleep and the Korean dramas that caused this. Oh yes, and not forgetting my dearest colleagues with the same repeating problems. And I’m constantly hungry these days. Sigh… how depressing can that be…

Tuesday, but yet like little milkie (she cried when the alarm went off today), I dread getting up and needing to chase the sheep. But that’s how life goes…

Nonetheless, I shall try to perk up and plan my things yet again! Yet again… hmm… how I wished I don’t need to use that word and instead, plan it once and for all and press on. But alas, my moon kept shifting and I have to shift with it… shall I get my moon to motivate me?

2.13pm – When you are not in that good a mood, I think anything just pisses you off, be it falling into place or not. Probably even the slightest noise irritates you, what more can I say about the random discussions beside you, ALL around you.

Suddenly I missed my old office, where there’s peace and quiet almost everyday. With hardly any discussion going around nor people walking behind you. These are all, what I consider as “distractions”. Sigh… *puts on the headphone*

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