Ramblings #0951

9.02am – Damn it. I’m late for work today. Hope the new boss hasn’t come over yet.

9.24am – Oooooh… saw the new boss… and he is… not very tall… Hmm…

9.51am – OMG! Colgate Total contains cancer-link chemicals in it! O.O!! I better change my toothpaste soon. And what is little milkie using now? Is that Colgate too???

10.42am – I love blogging! Maybe I should really quit my job and do a full time on it! *LOL, slaps myself back to reality*


1.38pm – RICE. What is RICE? It’s not what you eat. It stands for Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements.

3.21pm – So sleepy…

4.03pm – So sleepy…

4.23pm – I really can’t take it anymore…

5.54pm – Meeting overrun!!! Run!! I’m going into the storm!!

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