Ramblings #0955

7.00am – It’s Monday again. How I loooooove the sound of my alarm going off early in the morning. Urgh.

7.13am – Lethargic.

7.44am – Here comes the waking up of the old and young sheep.

8.04am – Not a good sign to hear little milkie saying that she didn’t want to go to school. Sigh… But I guess it’s expected. Let’s just hope it’s better later on.

8.26am – It’s quite funny how the dad thinks that everyone will torture his little baby. He simply stood there at the gate and make sure that his daughter wasn’t bullied as she continued to sob. Which teacher, in her right mind, would let you see it, even if it is so? I can only say I’m glad that little milkie is quite fluent in her language. Anyway, she just cried cow mother and cow father. But what to do, I can’t possibly just bring her home because she cried, right? Sigh…

8.44am – No mood for prata today.

9.02am – Stuck in a junction for almost 15 minutes. WTH.

9.24am – Choked on water and almost puked on empty stomach. I hate this. Ah… and I am so sleepy!! And really, that smell from my neighbour ain’t making me feel any better. I’m choking… Bleh… let’s go to the toilet for a break and get some fresh air in between.

11.15am – I miss my little milkie…

7.36pm – Cute conversation:

Grandpa: Come, go to work (massage) with me.
Milkie: I don’t want. I got money already.

Sigh… what are the youngsters thinking nowadays?

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