Ramblings #0990

3.04am – Why is there a pillow near my butt? Wait… just let me check before I turn over… *glance over my shoulder for little milkie… nowhere in sight*. Darn… I think that’s her head. Indeed. -.-”’

I seriously wonder how can one sleep from one corner to the other…

10.00am – It’s not easy, really, to keep up with it all, especially now that I need to disconnect from one network to join another, so that it won’t be tracked. Well, I try and hope so but ain’t sure if it works exactly.

The day started off pretty well, with little milkie waking up on her own accord, in fact, I realised that it had been the case almost for this whole week. It definitely is good, for we all can get some decent rest. And she did take her medication without much struggle or persuasion this morning.

Back in the office, the sudden lunch invitation from the boss had caused a little annoyance on one of the lunch kakis. Sigh… but what to do? We can’t possibly reject the boss, can we? Anyway, am not going to get involved too much with her new love. I can see that she’s happily enjoying and flirting with that new guy and doubt that she will try to stop anyway, so what’s the difference with having lunch with us or not?

Well, life still goes on… It’s Thursday! So looking forward to the long weekend, and my facial later. Ah…


10.10am – CRAP! Didn’t take the ‘jellybean’ correctly and now it feels stuck halfway in my throat!!!!

11.11am – It’s out. Gross. I so feel like taking a day’s off.

1.44pm – Am feeling a little too bloated. Must be the heavy lunch just now…

3.32pm – Hah! On my behalf! TMD. Some people just take it for granted that I’ll be the one writing the minutes simply because I wrote it during the first meeting. Crap. I’m just being nice. And what is the other manager doing? I thought he had agreed to write and send out the minutes after that short discussion since I wasn’t around that day? Crap. Dreaming guy.

4.09pm – I wondered what’s with the smell today… Did they use a heavier dose? It’s giving me head aches. Ouch.

4.40pm – What do I do with this big pile of chips that’s been poured on my desk? O.O”’ It’s way too much. I thought I only asked for a bit…


8.35pm – I must had been really exhausted today for some reasons. To actually dozed off twice during my facial treatment just now. I think I had better sleep earlier tonight.

10.43pm – I’m forgoing my Korean drama tonight and am hugging my little milkie to sleep, a sudden request from her. She said that she hugged her tigger soft toy to sleep and so I should hug her to sleep too, and that’s what I did. And I think she loves it… so cute… goodnight sweetie… *muak*

11.01pm – The lil’ hub just messaged me and said he’ll call after he bathe. We shall wait and see what time he’ll call.

11.44pm – *Yawn* Did I hear the vibrating sound from my phone? What time is it now? … 40 minutes of bathing… … … … … … … -.-”’

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