Ramblings #1028

12.37am – Oh… who’s that coming in? Gee… why is my sis still awake at such hour? *looks at time* Oh… it’s only past midnight. Gee… feels like I’d slept for hours…

3.24am – Huh? I’m awake again?

5.54am – … and again…

6.47am – … and again… and I’m staying awake… Poor little milo… Got woken up by me everytime I tossed and turned around…

7.15am – Really feels like taking an MC, or half a day’s leave and stay in the library. Not really in a good mood. Wrong, it’s more of feeling a little depressed though there’s absolutely nothing to be depressed about. Sigh…

8.38am – Cute things about little milkie this morning…

(1) I sang “put your head on my shoulders…”, and the next thing she did – she put her head on my shoulder. *LOL* I was just singing for fun as the song suddenly pops in.

(2) Me: Do you dare to climb up (the playground)?Milkie: (replied very fast) No, I dare not. I only dare to swing at the bottom.

Glad that she’s grew accustomed to the childcare. ^^


8.52am – Santa Chan came early today! This used to be one of my favourites.

9.15am – Am waiting for my colleague to come in so that we can go for breakfast. But really, I thought I need to stay a little further away?

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