Ramblings #1044

6.14am – Why is now the time for milk?

7.15am – It feels weird, when you don’t have to work but yet have to wake up at the same time, and then wake the 3 sheep up as per usual. Why oh why?

8.16pm – Money dropping everywhere… Little milkie just took out her coin bank and *POP* the cover gave way… *LOL*

9.21pm – Your mum disappointed? Hmm… I’m probably more disappointed than her… I’m like sharing a husband with someone. And that sucks. But I can’t do anything, can I? What to do? Suck thumb. I just have to accept the fact…

10.13pm – Her eyes were filled with tears as she murmured that she wanted her dad to be here. And then when she realised that he won’t be here tonight, she simply take it and change the topic. Now… is this kind of disappointment for a toddler, better than disappointment for an old adult? Sigh…

10.26pm – So now, the little one is occupied by her usual routine of “Three Little Pigs” youtube while I surfed the web and write my blog, and suddenly! She went behind my handphone to watch the video clip because she’s scare of the big bad wolf. Well, little milo seems to know it and either he’s enjoying this or he’s wondering if he could help for he kept kicking at me at the same time.

Me? I’m the protector now, with little milkie close to me ^^

11.10pm – She’s fast asleep now… Goodnight little milkie, mummy loves you *muak*

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