Ramblings #1046


12.45am – Right. The lil’ hub’s friends are coming over to play mahjong. That’s more like it. What’s the point of asking me to come back and stay over when you will be out at another place. I really don’t see the logic.

1.00am – Little milkie’s so cute. Want to go out to see the uncles but yet too shy too. Yes, it’s cute, but it isn’t when she blocked me from going into the room to sleep because she’s standing at the doorway of the room, trying to come out and wanted me to accompany her. Kids…

1.13am – Santa Claus is coming to town… I’m glad the being GOOD story for pressies still work. Nights…


9.17am – I wondered if I should consider this a good news or a bad news, to know that it’s the screen of the lappie that is having issue only, and not the data. I’m glad, definitely. But at the same time, I’m wondering now… HOW, am I supposed to use my lappie then? When we only have one monitor that is currently being used by the lil’ hub for his desktop, and that it’s in my house and not my parent’s. Even if I do bring over eventually, where do I get the space to put it? And then if I were to retire it, wouldn’t it be a waste when it’s still functioning rather properly? Furthermore, I don’t have the software that I require in my new lappie. Ah… this is such a headache. And I know I shan’t think about it on Christmas Day. Anyway, Merry Christmas! Hope you will enjoy your day. In a few hours time, I’ll be munching food and then opening my pressies! Too bad that my books ain’t here yet. Must have been stuck somewhere…

Sigh… how how how? Everything will be delayed at this rate…


9.58am – Let’s hope this will save the dayS for the time being. I hate computers! Okay, time to wake up the 2 sheep.

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