Ramblings #1057

8.49am – Little girl is being emo again. Damn the parents of the classmate who had gotten the HFMD. Can’t you be a little bit more cautious? Now the whole class can’t go to the playground because of you.

But looks like I’m not the only one that felt the heartache when the little one cried. A friend just messaged and told me that she cried when she saw her girl crying for her after she left her in the school. Poor little babies… but that’s just part and parcel of life…

9.13am – Deliciously oily. Hmm… shall try and drain off some of the oil. Otherwise it looks a bit gross too. Can’t the auntie just drained off the oil a little bit more? Anyway, I think I’m a bit hooked on this. Fat. *LOL*


10.13am – Girls… how can I make you to become smarter and less emotional? SIGH…

10.49am – WOW! I’m shocked! Shock to see the Sakae marketing team to comment on my post on the their branch. At the same time, I’m quite impressed with their initiative to try and search for reviews of their food. The only thing that kept me wondering was, how did they manage to search for my blog. I’d tried a few combinations… so unless they keyed in “Hougang”, else it’s not easy to find. Maybe, hmm… I just have this feeling that they are going to close down that branch, and thus is trying to see if there are any reviews on it. *LOL*

11.16am – Yeah! Added a new link to a blog! And guess whose blog is that? *giggles*

1.28pm – *Tries to rest my head on my table and…* Great. Tummy’s too big. Let’s just close my eyes and rest on my chair.

1.32pm – WOW! That’s a very loud thunder out of nowhere. Looks like it’s going to rain heavily again.

1.39pm – Ooooh, boss is back…

1.56pm – I just saw my colleague who came back from maternity leave of 2 months! And!!!! Her figure is almost back to normal! DARN! How did I retain that 8kg previously?!!! I need to try harder this time round. It’s now or never! Wrong, it’s then or never! March or April, come quick please!

2.18pm – The training’s going to start again. At times I really dread training people, especially those who don’t listen, and/or start to complain about something else. Anyway, let’s hope all these 4 sessions and more won’t turn out like the previous time.

8.54pm – I seriously need to find a place to sit down. Walking this much with such weight… is a little too much for this preggy lady…

11.36pm – I am… falling… asleep…

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