Ramblings #1061

6.53am – I’m earlier than my alarm clock, again. Is that a good news? Hmm…

7.14am – Monday. Why is it Monday again?

9.16am – For some reasons, I’m feeling a little stress today, or probably just having a heavy head. The sleep is definitely lacking and body aching. And the mind is occupied with tons of things that I’d accumulated due to various reasons. Did I think too much? I think I probably need a rest somewhere this week to regain my energy. The load that I’m carrying is really kind of… heavy…

What is the colour of the sky today?

9.40am – I’m only helping you to be the middle man. Don’t throw your frustrations on me when you still can’t log in. You are the one who locked yourself out. I’m just being helpful.

9.54am – When one is on leave, please make sure that things are handover properly. Otherwise, whoever that is there will have lots of question marks in their head. How the hell would I know what I’m supposed to do? Updates, updates? What kind of updates from the report? If you tell me it’s raw data, fine, I can generate it for you. But updates? O.O???

9.58am – Communication breakdown. I’m not in the mood for trying to communicate with you nicely and slowly today. Not when my head is so heavy, and so is my breathing. If you need A, just say you need A. WHY go and tell me that you need B?? A and B are 2 different things, you know?

10.27am – You know you are definitely in a bad mood when someone you don’t like never irritates you today, but simply walk pass behind you, and yet, you feel like smashing his/her head.

10.31am – I thought I already coordinated everything… why oh why do you still want to do something so extra? I really ought to go lunch on my own one of these days. Getting sandwiched between the 2 of them on days like that, will simply make me flare up even more.

11.04am – I feel like I’m signing up to go to jail. Peer pressure. Cannot, for the future of little milkie and milo, I can’t lose out.

1.27pm – Decided. Little milkie shall not go to school for the rest of the week as there’s 3 cases of HFMD. Sigh… don’t really want to risk her getting infected, again.

2.37pm – Why can’t people just blocked their calendar? That saves a lot of trouble, you know… I think I really need to take a half day’s off, or else am going to take MC and bake or do some craft. Whatever it is.

4.16pm – Wow! Did I read correctly? 5 cases of HFMD out of maybe around 12-15 children?!!! Okay, I think I better ask my parents to disinfect little milkie once she reaches home.

5.21pm – I really feel like strangling the people at the call centre. They don’t seem to know the protocol around.

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