Ramblings #1082

9.23am – Back at the office, feeling drowsy. The brain definitely isn’t functioning. Both lunch kakis aren’t available so looks like I’ll have to search for my own later on. Well, that doesn’t really matter except that I only feel like sleeping and walking around with the load nowadays ain’t as easy as few months ago.

11.41am – When man gets petty, then it’s time to totally ignore them. Do you think I have no idea how to play the cold war? Yes, it’s true that I’d never played before. Go on and try. You are totally cut off, you idiot! I’m only that bit away from actually clicking that “Block” button.

3.54pm – Done for the day. I’m done for the day. I have no more energy despite the piles of sh*t. Week 31, another 6 more to go, at the very least. Hang in there…

5.08pm – Half an hour more to go but it’s so unbearable. And the chafing of the inner thighs is so irritating. Looks like I’ll have to wear tights more often. I AM SO SLEEPY! Sigh…


5.35pm – Nostalgic to see that this still exist. I thought it has gone extinct, like so many others. Gee… I feel so old…

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