Ramblings #1131

12.46am – Last mission for today. No, I mean the previous day, and I’m off for some good rest. Am waiting for the breastmilk to get heat up for little milo. Gosh, you have no idea how exhausted I am. Am aching all over the place and massage alone won’t help for long.

Little milo is doing his usual eh-eh and orh-orh. But whatever he does, he still has to wait.

Not too bad for today. At least I manage to make an appointment and transfer my Pans & Play website to another server. That will give me a real good reason to revamp the site which I’ve been trying to do. And…

…okay, back from making the milk, burping little milo and brushing my teeth. I can finally go and sleep now! Gee… Left 1 hour and 15 minutes to sleep. Better do so quickly or else I think I will oversleep and miss my MOTN (middle of the night) pump again. Bon nuit!

5.42am – AH!!!!!! I overslept and missed my pump again! Urgh. the time will sure get mixed up today. Damn. Damn. Damn.

7.01am – Shall catch a 30 minutes nap before I get up and start preparing my day…

7.56am – Goodness. Did I oversleep AGAIN?!!!!!! Milkie’s late. Milkie’s late. Better quickly get up.

8.15am – Sigh… See. At night don’t want to sleep. Morning don’t want to wake up. And now she’s had her milk bottle in her mouth, but not sucking as she’s sleeping… -.-”’

8.47am – Hi! Good morning! We are both so sleepy! Isn’t that wonderful??


10.04am – Oh great! The battery for the pump is flat! Sigh… *tap* *tap* *tap*

11.11am – Rise and shine. Yes, I shone earlier on. Anyhow, would like to be a little more awake and TRY to pack my things a little. But first of all, let me have my daily happy dose of the Ellen show! ^^

11.21am – I love Anna Kendrick!! And I want to watch Pitch Perfect 2!! But… hmm… that will need some planning…

12.45pm – The head is starting to ache…

1.25pm – I’m going to switch on the air-con for a few hours and start packing my room. 2.15pm – 2.30pm for my next pump. Let’s hope I’m a quarter done by then. Better get his milk out first. Or… should it be fm for this session?

1.59pm – Lunch is… half done. Wasn’t really nice today. Dad cooked bee hoon and noodle which somewhat tasted a little hard. Thus I only ate till half full, so that I can pick up some milo and biscuits later on. And I haven’t taken my brewer’s yeast and milk maid’s tea for today! There’s so many things that I’m supposed to eat. Honestly, I’m not sure if it even works. Probably not, since I don’t see any drastic increase till now. But anyhow, since I already bought it, so might as well… I’m on LIVE (almost) updates today!

Gee… I only managed to tidy my bed and it’s time to prepare to pump… time flies…

3.40pm – Power pump done. Headache still there. Time to continue packing. Where do I start…?

3.47pm – Got kidnapped to feed little milo. Urgh…

6.45pm – Wow… time really passes so fast and my room is in a mess!! Worse than before *face palm*

11.25pm – Finally…

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