Ramblings #1181

7.47am – It’s Monday again. Little Milkie won’t be going to school until her cough recovered. She will be visiting the doctor again. I should have went with her last week. Gosh… It’s another 40 bucks on consultation. Milo’s vaccination cost 400 bucks. Tell me… Where do I get those spare money even if I don’t spend? Although it’s been months, I still feel like strangling him whenever I thought of it. But seriously, I think I need to put in more effort on it. I’m lagging way behind…

9.12am – Random bits.

“I know I shouldn’t have been spiteful. After all, what’s past has passed. I should have long forgotten about it. But that wound just wouldn’t heal, and you will always be a thorn in my flesh. For you always succeed in making me feel like a failure, like a fool.”

10.10am – Bear with me. It’s changing again. As I’ve always said, “Change is the only constant.” *LOL*

10.33am – Frugal. Frugal. Frugal. Pardon for this change but it’s time to be a little frugal. So I’d cancelled some of the domains for my other websites which I hadn’t started at all *facepalm*, and will now try to put those ideas into here. I know. That has always been a problem for me, and still is. I can’t focus. Never could…

12.43pm – Lunch’s over and I’m waiting for my fruits to arrive. Most of my colleagues are not back yet. Let’s take a peek…


Yes, that’s how empty it is right now. And I’ve got totally no mood to work to it. Can I blame it on the Monday blues…? Wished I can go back now and squeeze my chubby little milo who weighs around 7.8kg and measures at 63cm at 4th month. And I thought he would have reached 10kg already… *LOL* Miss my grumpy little milkie too…

4.03pm – Just something that crossed my mind suddenly. Have I ever mention before why do I nickname my children as Little Milkie & Little Milo? Well, I love to drink milk and milo, and it starts with “M”, which is the same as the first alphabet of my last Chinese name. And yes, that’s about it. If I ever (accidentally, though I seriously hope not) have a third one, I’ll probably name him/her Mocha, or maybe Margarita?. *ROFL* Okay, we will try hard to stick to two.

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