Ramblings #1187

9.36am – And so, it’s TGIM! I’m starting this Monday in a very POSITIVE mode. I repeat, POSITIVE mode. Right… so… hmm… I wonder how those DJs kept their mood up on every Monday. They must have LOVED their job so much! I wished I could say the same but… oh well…

Life’s as busy as it can be. Today is a day packed with meetings back-to-back. Tomorrow as well, and so is Wednesday… and… or should I say, this week is packed with meetings. It’s tiring, of course, and that would mean I won’t be able to do the things that I want to. Gosh… Sometimes I really feel so overloaded and overwhelmed with work till I could hardly breathe. I need some perk-me-up! But like what?

Getting half a day’s break and spending it with the lil’ hub doesn’t help me in getting things sorted out. Staying at home won’t solve the problem either. I need a plan. A concrete plan which I can follow…

11.47am – Half day’s gone… and I’m still in the meeting… Hungry…

12.39pm – In the end, I took 2 cup noodles. Soooooo freaking unhealthy, but I’m simply too lazy to walk out in such heat and haze. *Cough*

5.37pm – Gosh. I haven’t finish my training slides for tomorrow. But if I were to walk back home, I don’t really want to bring my heavy lappie. But then it would means I’ll have to stay later in the office till I finish my work! Sigh… I hate TGIM.

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