Ramblings #1237

8.09am – I’m late for work, definitely. Cause? I decided to not run and catch the bus that seems to be waiting for me, thinking that soon there will be other buses coming, as usual. But it did not. Effect? I missed my bus and now I’m on a later one, which means I can only reach at around 9am, and then go and grab my bread, and be in my office at around 9.15am. Gosh.

For every decision you make, please make sure that you are able to take the consequences…

It’s a bluuuuuuue Monday and I’ll be really busy later one. Firstly, I’ve got to catch the IT guy to settle something before tomorrow. But I don’t have all day to do it for there’s a division lunch and then more or less right after that, I will need to head down to the town for a talk.

Am I ready for all these changes? I’m ain’t too sure myself… the learning curve is a bit steep and though I did somewhat welcome it, at the back of my mind, its a sea of chaos. I still need to slot in a 30 minutes pump. Skipped one yesterday and now it felt a little full.

Life’s busy of recent. Mind’s in a blank now. Will go sort out first.

12.09pm – Lunch time. Mind is still in a blank. Thoughts haven’t been sort. And I’m freezing now for the air-con cover at the top of the bus is gone and the cold wind is blowing right onto my face…

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