Ramblings #1260

6.15am – *stops the alarm* Zzzz…

6.30am – *stops the alarm again* Zzzz…

6.45am – Urgh… why am I still so tired? *stops the alarm*

7.46am – Weekend, can you please come quick? I need more sleep…

9.13am – Still equally tired despite the power nap on the bus. Urgh… but I can’t slow down now!!!! For I will not achieve anything!!!

10.22am – Suddenly there’s 2 loud bangs. Those kind where something big hits against the window that caused the window to shake. Should I be glad that I don’t here shoutings? Anyway, better be a bit more vigilant. Shall there be a third one, then better check.

1.16pm – Full and sleepy… *yawn*. It’s going to rain soon… nice weather…

5.43pm – The balloons that my new colleagues gave me yesterday still stood strong and new. I wonder where they bought it from… good quality! First time I ever had balloons given to me. Honestly it’s really quite a surprise. Who would have thought right? What did the lil’ hub do? *LOL* Can I say at least he cooked noodle, washed the plates, bought the cake and brought me to eat steamboat? Sounds boring?

Anyway they looked like a fun bunch of people. Hope I will enjoy my “stay” here.


11.50pm – Little milo is asleep. As trying to get little milkie to sleep too but the efforts all seems wasted.

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