Room 18, Not Room 81

Alright, I admit I was a little blur. I asked YF if he wanted to go to Room 81, and I think he was baffled by my questions because he never heard of Room 81. *LOL*

Went lunch with NL and Uncle C. They took me to a beef noodle shop, the food was rather good. I’m going to miss the times where I go lunch with them. NL will be leaving on 26 February… Sigh…

I’m here at this restaurant – Mr. J, opened by Jay Chou. It was a really windy and cold night. I’m having dinner with Sandy and her friend – Jessie. I’m still not sure if this is how I spelled her name, but well, Jessie. She’s 4 years younger than us. Rather funny gal, who likes Jay Chou, and who likes to drink. Comments on the restaurant? Nothing spectacular. It was supposed to be a theme restaurant regarding the movie that he starred in – Secret. But then, other than all the pictures of some of the scenes, and the grand piano, there really isn’t much that is RELATED to the movie. Sigh… It’s popular probably JUST because of Jay Chou.

We went to Barcode after that. Room 18 wasn’t opened. It only operates on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Well, Barcode ain’t too bad, but it’s a pub. So… we only drank. Mine? I got “Cha”, a mixture of apple and cucumber and a tinge of white wine. Very mild and fresh. I like it. SC got “Healthy and Sexy”, which includes strawberry and mango, and forgotten what liquor. But it tastes like fruit juice (and I don’t like strawberry). Jessie? Basically it tastes only of VSOP… but supposed to have orange. ^^

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