Rush Like Mad

Lunch time! I haven’t got much time to breathe till now. Finally got it out as hotfix. Hopefully nothing goes wrong? Yes, I did check but I’m just scare later I did something wrongly. Its to production! And affects all the incentives! Which means money… Hmm… Membership team… Really seems more important… Hungry… OH! I gotten my Titanium card last night. Terrible… The day before I received one letter to ask me to send in the documents and the next day I received the card! And I went to apply for EasiCredit already… How… Will be going to Genting on Thursday morning. 5 of us… Hmm… Just a short break from work but still far from now…

I was listening to this song which was YF’s ringtone… Hmm… 大哥 by 卫兰… Hmm… Missed my Darling so much now… Wish I can hug him… Think I’m feeling a bit stress this week. Not sure why. Maybe should go clubbing for a while to de-stress…

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