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I really hate not having internet access in the office AND not having company access in the apartment. It really makes working tiring and troublesome. A lot of things happened today. First, I asked NL for help to find the way to Dakeng. Then after that they decided to go and buy sun biscuits tomorrow. Our apartments? YB asked NL to find 2, which totals up to about $30,000. Then there was the SPARK! Finally I saw some sparks. We managed to have some internal IM (better than nothing). Suddenly feels like its not really the end of the world! Work is the same as usual. At night, we went to one of the gym and asked for the price. 3 months – NT$10,000. Consider cheaper than the previous one that we asked, and that guy seems more friendly (not pushy). Then after that I managed to get caught by SS. Discussed with her on the plans already. I just hope that I don’t forget. And last but not least… my sweetest Darling… I miss him so much…

Shan… not that I don’t want to take leave but… I think I prefer to take the leave when I’m in SG and spent it with my family. I can’t go back too often now, you know? And I’m so… sigh… now…

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