Sending Him Off

It’s freezing cold! So glad that for the past few days, it ain’t THAT cold! Had breakfast at McDonald. Was rather surprise that his mum is alright with eating that. Time passes so fast… today he’s going back to SG… Sigh…

O.O”’ Did I see wrongly? Did his mum just sneeze without covering her nose and just…

O.O”’ OMG… Did his mum poke the bread? *Jaws dropped*

TMD! Just raise your voice at me over such small little thing! How the hell would I know that the cab driver will send us to the MRT and not the bus stop! Like I know where is the bus stop! TMD!

As much as his temper isn’t that good and probably a little way too lazy because his mum pampered him too much. Hmm… I still love him a lot… Sigh… It’s sad to see him going back while I’m still stuck in TW… *CRY* I miss him…

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