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It’s so easy, letting your fingers do the shopping. With the legs that are getting more and more swollen everyday, as well as the aching buttock, it makes shopping really much more difficult these days. Therefore, I’d switched to something else – shopping online! Furthermore, it really is rather convenient nowadays.

A friend had send me a link, telling me to get a swaddle for my baby, which cost only $10. The website? None. It’s actually just an account in Facebook!

If you look further, she’s not the only one that’s using the Facebook account as a medium/tool for online selling. There’s a lot more others that’s using Facebook to advertise. Is that legal? Well, I’m not too sure but it sure is a good tool.

Anyway, I’d bought what I want and transferred the money to the seller. Will be receiving it next Tuesday. And the seller had been really nice and friendly. The lil’ hub did make a comment though – is it safe? Well, I guess it’s a mutual trust between the seller and the buyer. Of course, if the seller is not trustworthy, I guess, one can only take it as a lesson learnt, and probably black list the seller and let the others know.

For now, I’m only looking forward to receive my baby’s swaddle in soft pink! Let’s hope that the quality isn’t that bad.

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