Shopping – Powerpac Mosquito Power Strike 6W

After walking round and round in the supermarket, I finally managed to find this on one of the shelves along the recommended section. Recommended, and 3 pieces left only. It’s easy to assume that I’m not the only one that has encountered this trouble – the mozzies trouble.

Right. It’s the time of the year again. Then again, the time of the year for mozzies to thrive seem to have lengthen as the year passes. I remembered vaguely that it used to be only during May till July. But now it’s only FEBRUARY! Goodness…


Anyway, I grabbed 2 of them and headed for the cashier. I didn’t want to end up with another empty shelf if I needed more. It only covers an area of 30m2 which definitely isn’t enough to cover the whole house (with corners).

This is the 6W one, which states size L. Cost me $15.40. Apparently there’s a size M, which is priced at $14 and is out of stock. And another size XL, around 2.5 times of the one I got, and cost more than $50. The size, is about 10cm x 10cm x 30cm (estimated). Doesn’t really occupy a lot of space, so it’s good.

Now, let’s just hope it works! *Pray hard*

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2 Replies to “Shopping – Powerpac Mosquito Power Strike 6W”

    1. There’s definitely dead mozzies and insects found in it or around it. But as for how effective it is in attracting mozzies to it using the light, well, personally I don’t think it’s really THAT effective (and that applies to all other brands), or probably it’s just that the mozzies are way too smart for it nowadays. The other insects are a little bit more dumb. So basically, it kills more of other insects than mozzies.

      But nonetheless, if it’s able to kill that one or two mozzies for me while I’m sleeping, its probably good enough (better than nothing) 🙂

      If you are thinking of whacking the mozzies yourself, you can try and get those handheld electric ones that looks like a badminton racket. That one definitely works. I’ve got 2 of those at home, and it helps a lot when there’s a sudden increase in the number of mozzies.

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