Sick AND Tired

Had a talk with IR in the morning. His reasons for leaving? Weekend burnt too much. Sigh… Thats the way things goes in this company. Am I too slow? Yes but thats because I’m not cunning enough. Still naive. Naive. Remember the course which I asked around? YC taking MCTS, think on his own now. I asked IR about the course but because he’s leaving soon, so he didn’t want to say anything about it. Which means? Probably it will be postponed till… Not sure when… Maybe I should just jolly well take the exams on my own. Right? Doesn’t that sound better? But… I think I really lack the motivation and determination. Look at CC, she’s already at JLPT 3. Me? I’m still at JLPT 3 when I started so early, so long ago. But I kept stopping, because of this and that. Really pissed with myself…

My brain is totally dead. I can feel it. Because I simply just stared at the monitor in front of me, with colleagues telling me how I can go about doing it, but my brain ain’t working at all, ain’t absorbing anything at all. I left the office at 9pm, without finishing my things. There’s simply too many things, too little people to do those things. Are we really that short of people? Can’t they employ software engineers instead of all the PMs, TLs? I reached WZ’s house, barely had the appetite to eat. Dozed off soon after I hit the bed…

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