Yesterday had a chat with WZ, I told him about my work and what he suggested was to ask me to stay for another year and see how things goes. One more year? Thats like… 9 more months! And a baby is born! Need to go office already. To be continued…

Yes, finally I can rest. Been guiding TR since morning till now. Thats like 6 hours of coaching. Now I can finally start doing my work. 4 cases to be solved. Went to collect the Grasshoppers’s concert tickets just now. Waiting for like half an hour. A lady in front of the queue was buying some tickets also. Don’t know why she took so long. Now, I’m so tired. Will need to do OT today to finish up all the coding. No time to think of other things yet so… I can’t continue what I was thinking earlier this morning!

Its almost 10pm and I just reached back home 15 minutes ago. Just checked my email and saw one from YT, its about the flat. I’ll need to meet him again to settle a cheque that they sent to him, with both our names. Don’t know why but somehow I still feel quite sad and bad about the whole thing… I don’t regret what I did but… i just hope he can find someone better… and be happier. I’m really sorry for what I did… *Takes a deep breath* Just now managed to do 2 hours of coding. Cleared one item, 5 more to go. Talked to CK on the way back just now. I think I should consider changing job, since the market is rather good outside now. Will really start looking around…

Yes, I should start looking for another job…

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