Successful On Deepavali

Public holiday! It seems quite a long while since I’ve had a PUBLIC holiday. Why?? Because the previous one (Hari Raya Haji), its on a Saturday. Then the previous one on National Day, I’m working… And then it goes all the way back to May, which I forgotten what is it already. Vesak Day probably? We went to Double Happiness Restaurant and ate Dim Sum with my parents. Wasn’t too bad. But was really funny when we came out from the toilet and was waiting for my mum and godmum. One of the waitress over there saw us and looked at Skyes and me and said, “Oh, you are the 21st of September one right?” O.O”’ We were all puzzled by what she said and it was only after a while then we realized that she thought we were the couple who are going to get married on that day. Terrible…

Sis dropped us at Kovan McDonald later on and we stayed there and study till 6.30pm! It was successful! We bought food back to eat and WZ stayed in my house for a while before he went home. Wish I can hug him to sleep everyday…

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