Movie – Into the Storm


Storms. Hurricanes. Cyclones. Tornadoes. Typhoons. Twister. Do you know the difference? Honestly, I can’t, especially with tornadoes, cyclones and hurricanes. A search on the google somehow gave me the impression that they are all the same, except where it started. It’s like, a different word use for different country. Anyway, though I live in this…
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Movie – Spider-Man 3


Ah… the old spiderman is so much better than the new one… The amazing spiderman? Hmm… I wonder how amazing it is. I’m sorry, but I’d never watched “The Amazing Spiderman” before. Anyway, it’s the season for all the superheroes movies to be coming out, and so Channel 5, as usual, will start to show all…
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Movie – Elysium


Finally a breather away from work and baby, AND finished watching the movie ELYSIUM! The past weeks had been really hectic with the audits and preparation for Family Day 2013 going on parallel at the same time. Audit’s coming to an end (Thank God), and the Family Day’s going to be next Saturday. So hopefully,…
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