Shopping – SG Book Deals

Can you believe it?! It’s a box for $50! You can fill in as many books as you can so long as it can be ‘taped’ up relatively flatly!

It was the first time that I went for such event. Apparently it seems like a yearly one but I didn’t know about it until now. And so, I decided to apply for a half day off and try it out.

I was late, actually. It started at 1pm on the first day but I only managed to reach at around 1.45pm. I would say lots of good stuffs are probably already taken but nonetheless, I still managed to get a box of 25 books, which are generally those bigger hardcover books!!

The crowd was so overwhelming so much so that they have to stop people from coming in. Thus whoever that came a bit later had to queue up and wait outside. But thankfully for that, I was able to move a little bit more freely.

Some tips that I’ve learned. If you are coming by car, or someone is fetching you, good. At least you save the trouble of wondering how to carry it back because it really is quite heavy. The parking is terrible so preferably don’t park too near. They don’t allow cars in too (not sure if you went in early though). If you have a marketing trolley or carts, bring them. It’ll save you a real lot. I came from work and so I didn’t bring any but I was glad that I brought 2 reusable bags where I dumped my books in (and threw away the carton after that). Lastly, there’s no point carrying the box around. Find a corner, use an empty bag or what to cover the books in the box, and go shop around (if you are alone and there’s no one to help to look after for you)!!

Enjoy!! I am so tempted to go again! *LOL*

booksale-2016 25-books-in-a-box

Totally satisfied with my loot!!

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Food – Yong Ji Bah Kut Teh @ Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1

After driving around for the past 20 minutes in search of a nice and not so crowded eating place, and also to satisfy my colleague’s cravings for having bah kut teh, the two of us arrived at this hawker (more of market), located at Blk 341 #01-04 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1.

It’s easily located as there’s a bus stop right in front of it (near the main road of Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1). But if you were to drive, you’ll need to park somewhere further.

Anyway, there wasn’t much crowd today (luckily). Heard from my colleague that there usually is a long queue during dinner hours. We ordered a pig’s trotter, a bowl of bah kut teh, a plate braised vegetables and fried youtiao.


Well, the pig’s trotter wasn’t too bad, especially when the meat was quite lean. In fact, the pork for the bah kut teh was quite lean too. BUT it’s a little too salty especially towards the end when you are finishing the soup in the bowl. The vegetables wasn’t all that fantastic either. As for the price, the total was about $15.

It probably will still be on my list of “to-go-back-and-eat” if not for the comments that the seller said to my colleague when she asked for a top-up of soup for the SECOND time – “This is the last time that you can top up as you only ordered 1 bowl.” Hmm… did I hear it right? This is definitely the first time that I heard that the soup cannot be topped up more than a fixed amount of times!

Honestly, the stall holder is not in the wrong but really, how much can one person drink? And do you not care about the fact that this customer won’t be coming back because of what you said? Or is it that you are simply too arrogant to please one customer because you’ve got more than enough?

Sigh… so, conclusion… OUT!!

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Food – Marugoto Shokudo @ Broadway Plaza

The impression wasn’t really that good at the moment I stepped into this restaurant. Other than the fact that there wasn’t any crowd at all. Wrong, there’s no other customers except US. The stench of some unpleasant smell is way too strong to ignore (those where the table wasn’t wiped clean). But still, we went ahead as my colleague kept insisting to try it.


So here we are, in this restaurant that can hold (estimated) at least 50 over people, and serves a varieties of Japanese food. It’s located at the Broadway Plaza at Ang Mo Kio Central, just opposite the market. And it’s somewhat near to one of the bus stop opposite of the standalone McDonald’s. So basically, the location was alright.

I was looking for my Salmon Teriyaki Bento set but I couldn’t find any (they only sell it in ala carte), and so I ordered the Curry Tori Karaage Set, which includes one dessert and soup. Anyway, the food came a while later, and it was quite presentable. Not exactly splendid but still alright.


How about the taste? Hmm… I would say… so so. For some reasons, it just didn’t catch my attention. So is the dessert, which I only took a mouthful. Maybe it’s because my first impression wasn’t really that good and thus the big discount on it.

As for the price, it wasn’t really that fantastic or attractive either…

Will I go again? Hmm… I doubted it. Let’s hope others would love their food.

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Food – Pasir Ris Fish Soup @ Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10

It looks alright and smells right. Definitely tasted right with that first mouth of the hot soup. I’m currently at Blk 453A Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, at the market hawker, and having this relatively yummy fish soup. Furthermore, it was raining and the weather is cold, so you can imagine how nice it was to drink a bowl of hot soup.


It was all okay until…

I took my second mouthful of fish and rice and AH! A bone went straight between by gum and teeth. Thankfully, it wasn’t those sharp ones, and though it caused some bleeding, it wasn’t really that painful. I didn’t let that dampen my mood and continue happily eating it, with a little caution. And then… I saw an insect. A black one. I took its body out and then dropped it on the bloody tissue. Gross as it is, I continued to eat since I’m only half way done. Guess what? I saw another dead insect after 10 minutes, a green one. I’m only glad that firstly, I already almost finished eating it, and secondly, I never down that into my mouth. Urgh. Is the cleanliness of grade F?


Will I go back to eat again? Erm… I think I’ll have second thoughts. Though the food tastes quite nice, the way they prepares their food sure stops me from going for more…

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Food – Ministry of Food (MOF) @ AMK Hub

What do you do when you are so pissed off, and needed something to balance yourself up? One of the easiest way – EAT! After hearing all the bad news early this morning, my whole day was almost ruined. It didn’t take me long to decide that I’ll go for a nice meal so as to perk myself up (and probably applies the same for my colleagues). And so, right at the lunch time, we dashed off as quickly as possible, to Ang Mo Kio Hub.

So here we are, at the MOF @ Japanese Sweets & Coffee at Ang Mo Kio Hub. It’s located at the basement 1 of the AMK Hub, relatively near to one of the escalators. For this branch, there’s only Japanese food, and there’s quite a wide varieties. The prices are quite affordable too although for the same price, I might prefer Ichiban instead.


I ordered a salmon set, and it cost me around $20. Consist of the salmon and 3 pieces of tori karaage, miso soup, rice and a small little cup of tea. Would be a lot better if they include the chawanmushi. *LOL* Nonetheless, it tastes not too bad.

Not really my first option when it comes to Japanese food, but still, it’s edible. And with it’s accessibility plus the lunch and dinner crowd everywhere else, this could just be one of the options with lesser people (if you are damn hungry and couldn’t wait).

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Food – Bliss Restaurant @ Chengsan CC

Looks like we weren’t in luck to get to eat over here during lunch time. But I’m pretty sure I’ll be back some day, just not sure when…

10 February 2015, 9.45pm

So here I am, finally back after pending it for soooooooooooo long. Well, I’ve been really REALLY busy with my life, work, and family, you know. Trying hard to strike a balance. And today, I only manage to come here because I hadn’t taken my dinner before going for a facial appointment with my sister just now.

Where is it? Bliss restaurant at Chengsan CC. The atmosphere, of course, can’t be compared with where it used to be (Punggol Park) where there’s peace and quiet, and there’s the view of the big pond. Now, every few minutes, there’s the sound of the train passing by, and the surrounding flats ain’t as pretty nor new.

BUT, the most important thing is, after so long, the price didn’t really increase! And the food still tasted as nice! ESPECIALLY the chicken wings that are so crispy! YUM! If only I can have a glass of icy cold beer and that would really make my day… *slurp* Ah… even the thought of that makes me happy. Anyway, that will happen only around a year later. So well, food for now is good enough.



We ordered some wings, sotong balls, escargot (which I don’t eat), fries and a waffle (with ice cream). Love it. Apparently they did some renovation to the restaurant and everything looks quite new. So now, it’s a turquoise kind of feeling everywhere.

Anyway, I’ll definitely be back. Though the parking can be a little troublesome (have to walk a distance), it’s still considered quite near to where I’m staying. Cheerios!

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