Change of Events

Guess what?

Within an hour from my last post, as I prepared for their school and woke little milo up, I found out that he is having a fever again. Yes, again! Just 10 days after he recovered from one and now here we go again. And then all my plans had to change, such as getting my table top and miscellaneous from IKEA, visiting a friend’s newly open Thai stall and doing some of my work.

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Ramblings #1197

6.22am – I can’t believe I’m already up and awake for the past hour! On a weekday! *stoned* Ah… don’t be surprise, I’m extremely tired now but yet I can’t sleep because I have to ensure that my little girl reaches her school on time. It’s a promise, if she sleeps early, I have to keep it. So… hang in there…

7.16am – She’s so funny… my little milkie… what’s with all the kids and make-ups… *recalling those times when I was young and was fascinated by my mum’s cosmetics*

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Pregnancy – Dance to the Music

When you are so freaking burn off at work, you start to do weird things…

Well, it’s really nothing much. I was listening to some Christmas songs with my headphones and I thought, hmm… maybe my little milo would love to listen to some music. And so I did. I placed my headphones on my tummy (the volume isn’t really that loud, at 50% only) and within seconds, he started kicking and punching! It’s nice to think that he loves it and is dancing to the music! (OF COURSE there’s also a possibility that he’s telling me that I’m disturbing his sleep)

Anyhow, when you read on articles, it often mentioned that babies can actually hear noises when they are in the womb. The sound might not be very clear but they can still hear it. So I guess that’s where those “tai jiao” come from (education before birth). Thus, there’s always those readings and singing to the babies even though they are not born yet!

Believe it or not, but I will still try and do it for this second baby, as much as I can. Enjoy! *…frosty the snow man,…*

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Ramblings #1013

3.29am – You have no idea how thankful I was, to be sitting down here and watching little milkie sleeping peacefully, after I woke up from a nightmare.

Had dreamed about bringing little milkie out with my sister for a shopping trip. But with too many things to carry while travelling on train, a kind lady offered to carry little milkie for me. I allowed that (WTH?!!!). But after we alighted from the train, which we thought the lady would follow too, she didn’t… and there I stood, watching little milkie in her arms, and moving further away from me…

As shock as we were, the next few hours were spent searching for little milkie at the next station (hoping that the auntie would alight). You have no idea how scary that feeling was, imagining losing her forever. But just at the point when I’m on the verge of giving up, the auntie came back with little milkie. Apparently she had waited but couldn’t see us, and therefore, had brought little milkie back home for a while so that she can bathe and cook (WTH AGAIN!!!).

Anyhow, I’m so glad that she’s back. And luckily it’s only a dream. I hope I won’t be that stupid in reality.

9.25am – I was clearly not in a good mood when I woke up today, especially when I had a short tiff with the lil’ hub late last night about going back to our own house and staying over this weekend. Why can’t he understand where I’m coming from? Do I have to speak out every single little thing? It seems like all he cares about is his mother (again) and his work, but what about little milkie and me?

My parents will be going for a short tour over this weekend, this coming Friday. And the initial plan was to go back to our own house since only my sister will be around late at night. But then the lil’ hub suddenly mentioned that he will have to go for a “brothers” gathering for an upcoming wedding of a friend. So when I suggested the idea of going back our house to have lunch with his mum, then sending little milkie and I back to my parents’ house (since she’s more used to staying there with all her toys around) before picking us up at night or bring some of little milkie’s toys over, the lil’ hub deemed it as troublesome and some excuses for me to escape going back home. But am I? NO!! I’m simply trying to prepare what little milkie will ask for! Has he no idea how his precious daughter behaves when she’s not at her grandma’s house for too long??!!! WHO is the one that is going to handle her when he’s not around? ME!!!! His mum? I think her help would only be minimal, not that I’m trying to be sarcastic, I’m just being logical here. And now that I’m having my big round tummy, it ain’t easy for me to entertain and chase after an active and bored toddler for half of the day!! Thanks to the creator of humanity for not making man being the one preggy instead.

And now, early in the morning, you had to say things like abandoning me with little milkie alone for this weekend, since I DON’T WANT TO GO BACK HOME, and thus you simply just drop the whole idea of going back. Honestly, one more step of pissing me off, I really am just going to stay with little milkie and milo in my parents’ house over this weekend by hook or by crook. And you can jolly well just go to your cousin’s baby shower alone with your dearest mum. Can’t you for once, just picture everything logically instead of just your mum happily playing with little milkie for the WHOLE day? Because that is going to be IDEAL situation that ain’t realistic at all, not for the whole day.

He? He probably never think for me anyway. His mum is and has always been his priority.

Crap. I’m really in a bad mood.

“When your emotions are controlled by your hormones, you only wished the people around you can see that too.”

12.28pm – Mood is a tad better after taking the lunch and having some peace alone. Would have bought mee rebus back for the lil’ hub if I’m not planning to get any Christmas gifts. Haha yes, that’s me. Pissed but yet still will think of that idiot. Well, no time for that anyway, so will stick to my original plan of clearing the Christmas list. And I’m so addicted to sugared drinks this time round. Damn. No good. Last sip *siiiiiiiiip*

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Thoughts – Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC)

I almost laugh-out-loud when I saw the note pasted on little milkie’s communication book. Did I see it wrongly? I wondered, as I re-read the title and content of the printed note a few times – “PTC”, which stands for Parent-Teacher Conference. Erm… little milkie is only 2 years and 3 months old, and I sent her to a childcare under the Playgroup class for her to socialise and learn a little bit of things, what kind of parent-teacher conference do I need? Wahahaha… to tell me how “tao” or ya-ya-papaya my little milkie is? Or how she actually talked back to the teachers? Oops :p

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Ramblings #1003

5.49am – I guess it’s only been a while after we both slept, but I have no idea what gave her that idea to sleep at where she is now. I had a big shock, though, especially when I’m half dreaming already when suddenly something big knock and fell onto my waist. I was sleeping on my left side and couldn’t really see what it was. Had initially assumed it was her leg but it couldn’t be that heavy. And a side glimpse towards that direction confirms that it’s her head. Goodness, why is she sleeping on me?? -.-”’

8.53am – Stomach aches. Sucks! I’ve got a meeting at 9am!!!!

9.51am – Let’s rush to the sharing session. Urgh. Hungry.

10.38am – DONE! Let’s ROT!…

… NOT…

And the boss just came by my seat to ask me to clear up the audit issues before I go off for my half day’s leave… *CRY*

10.41am – And another issue came up… on personal work. Ah… why does it have to come at the same time?? Let’s search for some information first so that I can save some time back at home.


11.48am – CHOP CHOP! Let’s go shopping!!!!!

12.53pm – I’ve got a pair of very funny parents. It’s apparently for the reason that I don’t want to trouble you guys, and thus didn’t tell you where I’m going. Urgh… and now I’m waiting… waiting for them to get ready to go out, and send me to the F1 pit building. *Yawn*

1.40pm – I AM HERE! WOOHOO!!!

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Thoughts – Getting Involved in School’s Events

Today is the 2nd of October, and the schools are celebrating Children’s Day. Asked me and I still prefer it to be on the 1st. Nonetheless, it doesn’t matter as long as the children are enjoying themselves.

It’s the celebration of Children’s Day and the school had decided to have a garden theme. We had decided to let her be a little bee. And so, my sis had helped to buy the wings and antennae from SKP and Spotlight. (Luckily I’ve got a sister who is so enthusiastic too, unlike the lil’ hub *LOL*)

Early in the morning, I can already see the excitement in little milkie’s eyes. She knew that she’s going to be a little bee today. A little bee going to the school. And so very cooperatively, she dressed up and wore her wings and antennae.


By the time we reached the school, it was unlike the usual where she’ll cry to go back home. Instead, she simply asked “Why do we need to go to school?”. A sense of involvement, that’s what I feel. And that is very important for it gives the child a sense of belonging to the school too. Likewise, it is equally important to choose a school where other children participate as well. I’m really glad hers does, for I saw a little bee, a chicken (or bird) and some girls dressed in flowery dress. And all the rest of the children were dressed in bright colours!

Parents, it probably really won’t take long to spend a little time to chat with your little ones each day. To ask them how’s their day, to ask them what they did today, to tell them a little story, just a little each day…

“If you want your children to turn out well, spend twice as much time with them, and half as much money.” ~ Abigail Van Buren

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Ramblings #0990

3.04am – Why is there a pillow near my butt? Wait… just let me check before I turn over… *glance over my shoulder for little milkie… nowhere in sight*. Darn… I think that’s her head. Indeed. -.-”’

I seriously wonder how can one sleep from one corner to the other…

10.00am – It’s not easy, really, to keep up with it all, especially now that I need to disconnect from one network to join another, so that it won’t be tracked. Well, I try and hope so but ain’t sure if it works exactly.

The day started off pretty well, with little milkie waking up on her own accord, in fact, I realised that it had been the case almost for this whole week. It definitely is good, for we all can get some decent rest. And she did take her medication without much struggle or persuasion this morning.

Back in the office, the sudden lunch invitation from the boss had caused a little annoyance on one of the lunch kakis. Sigh… but what to do? We can’t possibly reject the boss, can we? Anyway, am not going to get involved too much with her new love. I can see that she’s happily enjoying and flirting with that new guy and doubt that she will try to stop anyway, so what’s the difference with having lunch with us or not?

Well, life still goes on… It’s Thursday! So looking forward to the long weekend, and my facial later. Ah…


10.10am – CRAP! Didn’t take the ‘jellybean’ correctly and now it feels stuck halfway in my throat!!!!

11.11am – It’s out. Gross. I so feel like taking a day’s off.

1.44pm – Am feeling a little too bloated. Must be the heavy lunch just now…

3.32pm – Hah! On my behalf! TMD. Some people just take it for granted that I’ll be the one writing the minutes simply because I wrote it during the first meeting. Crap. I’m just being nice. And what is the other manager doing? I thought he had agreed to write and send out the minutes after that short discussion since I wasn’t around that day? Crap. Dreaming guy.

4.09pm – I wondered what’s with the smell today… Did they use a heavier dose? It’s giving me head aches. Ouch.

4.40pm – What do I do with this big pile of chips that’s been poured on my desk? O.O”’ It’s way too much. I thought I only asked for a bit…


8.35pm – I must had been really exhausted today for some reasons. To actually dozed off twice during my facial treatment just now. I think I had better sleep earlier tonight.

10.43pm – I’m forgoing my Korean drama tonight and am hugging my little milkie to sleep, a sudden request from her. She said that she hugged her tigger soft toy to sleep and so I should hug her to sleep too, and that’s what I did. And I think she loves it… so cute… goodnight sweetie… *muak*

11.01pm – The lil’ hub just messaged me and said he’ll call after he bathe. We shall wait and see what time he’ll call.

11.44pm – *Yawn* Did I hear the vibrating sound from my phone? What time is it now? … 40 minutes of bathing… … … … … … … -.-”’

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