Ramblings – Lost Trust with Muhammadiyah Charity

It’s been dragging and it still is dragging, after almost 2 months. I’m not too sure what kind of Charity organization anymore and whether it is TRUSTWORTHY.

Some background history. I put 2 big old bags of my items (mainly clothings) for my yardsale, outside at the corridor area. It wasn’t outside my door, it was on top of a table together with some chairs and barangs that we had put outside. For months, nobody touched it.

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Ramblings #1254

7.52am – The June holidays are here again, which marks the passing of almost half a year. What have I done? Nothing much. This is the umpteen times I have self-reflected to only realize that I hasn’t achieved much despite attempts to try again and again. Am I the only one having this problem? Or am I being too unrealistic for my plans?

Efforts look futile. Time wasted. Plans disrupted. Energy depleted. Mind emptied. Excuses given. Resolutions broken. I really wonder what was I doing at times. Is there no other ways to make me constantly motivated? Or should I just be glad that at least I have found a “home” in my workplace so that I won’t feel worse?

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Thoughts – Upset Over Charity Collection

First and foremost, I have nothing against doing charity of any sort, except those coin donations that I’m skeptical about since the NKF incident.

I am extremely angry and upset to learn that my bags of clothings and soft toys that I put at the common corridor were lost when I came home just now. Today is the day of collection for charity by the Muhammadiyah Charity. We were given a piece of paper and from my knowledge, one is supposed to put that paper on those items to be donated so as not to create any misunderstanding. Note. I have nothing that I want to donate and that piece of paper is still in my house. I merely went out with my whole family, came back in the afternoon to see my 2 big bags gone.

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