Drama – The Lonely & Great God

Swept with sadness since last night after watching the final episode of the Korean Drama – The Lonely & Great God. I had resisted from watching it even though friends had strongly recommended this drama as I know that the ending somewhat wasn’t really something that I like. Nonetheless, as the TV is showing it now, and since it’s starred by Gong Yoo, I decided to continue from there…

Alas. I’m not sure if it’s a good decision though.

It has a somewhat by right good ending but yet, to me, it doesn’t feel like it. Yes, it is true that they, the male and female lead, ended up together but only 3 more lifetimes? So what happens after that? I wondered if I am the greedy one who expects it to last forever. I feel it would be nice if it’s like Edward and Bella (Twlight). Well, at least they can accompany each other for the rest of their forever but the Goblin will end up still alone after 3 lifetimes, especially when the Reaper and his sister left too. Thus I can’t help but feel sad for him. Reminds me that ‘Happiness doesn’t always last’. Sigh…

What would you do if you are in either of their shoes? Hmm… For one, I definitely ain’t brave enough to sacrifice myself to save other children. For my own, it seems like a natural thing to do though. And to stay in the place with totally nothing at all? What is he wishing for? Miracles? Though in the end, it proves to be a really good decision. And it’s amazing that his power remains. I’m just wondering how is he going to die…

A nice and interesting drama with not too bad plots. The things that makes me confused – all those memory loss created by the God after Goblin vanished to nothing – was it that the power is not strong enough such that the memories still comes back somehow? Or was it because their love was really so great and thus it overcomes the power? Why is he walking around in the place between the life and afterlife?


Anyway, it was the genre and storyline that captured my attention. Of course the main characters matter too! Romance comedy with a bit of the unusual characters instead of the typical chaebol vs poor stories.

But I doubt I will watch it again. The heart cannot take a second time. Lol :p

If there really is such thing as reincarnation (which I do somewhat believe), I must have did something wrong in my previous life and owed my lil’ hub big time. Lol.

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Drama – Pinocchio (Korean)

It’s 2am in the morning and I’m hooked. Thankfully, it’s over, as I finished knowing the full story of this Korean drama, Pinocchio, starring Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong-Suk, the actress and actor that I like.

Honestly, it really is very important to find the right casts to ensure the success of a drama, especially where there’s so many competitions. And of course, the plot must be nice too. For this one, I guess it’s not as sad as some of the others, as the couple didn’t really give up much due to stupid reasons. I mean, put it this way, in reality, how many people will actually listen to parent’s words. And one of the reasons why I like this drama, is because it’s not the usual plot where there’s a rich guy who fell in love with a poor girl, and then the guy’s family disapproves and blah, blah, blah…

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Movie – Duplicity

I’m really amazed at how I can managed to stay up till almost 3am just to watch a movie like that, especially in this stage. I’m even more amazed when I don’t feel sleepy at all after that!

So I supposed it’s because today is the National Day and thus Mediacorp decided to spare the viewers the pain of watching stupid and illogical movies during this time of the hour, and decided to show this Universal Studio movie, “Duplicity” after an exciting journey into the space on “Prometheus”.

I was excited of course, to know that I’ll be watching a movie that I hasn’t seen before, and furthermore, starring Julia Roberts as Claire Stenwick and Clive Owen as Ray Koval. It was a little complicated, like what the lil’ hub had commented throughout the movie. I would admit it was a little confusing as it kept showing back what happened a few years, months, days back. So it’s like to and fro, to and fro. And if you missed a part for a while, there’s a high possibility that you’d be lost.

So it started with Claire meeting Ray at a party, and they hitting onto each other, which ended up on a bed scene. Not the typical bed scene though. It only shows Ray sleeping like a log, and then Claire pouring some drinks off the basin, followed by her tearing some secretive document off under the bed and that’s it, she left. And the next scene simply shows the current and he saw her in a shopping mall and went up to her, with her denying that she knew him. Then after some arguments, Claire realised that he was the contact person. And as much as she didn’t want to work with him, she didn’t have much choice when he threatened her. So apparently Claire was employed by Company A to be a spy in Company B, of which both companies are selling items and are always fighting against each other.

But the plot ain’t as simple as that. As the story unfolds, you realise that there is a conspiracy under another one. And then another, and another, and another…

Confusing but interesting. A tad slow as it’s not an action movie but one with suspension, and a bit of comedy + romance. Be very patient, I would say, if you intend to watch this movie. Definitely not a good one to watch at such hours. Like I mentioned, I was really amazed that I could stay up to watch a action-less movie. But I definitely didn’t regret it. Not exactly the best, but rather nice one to watch

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Movie – Kick Ass 2

I should have been studying for my Friday’s Korean test now. But a sudden click on one advertisement email had led to a discovery of a $0 and a $0.60 movie tickets due to some special promotions for GV members. And so here am I (with the lil’ hub) on a movie marathon! First on Kick Ass 2, and the other, The Internship!

So let’s kick some asses now!


Okay, let’s see. If you’ve watched Part 1, you would know that this movie is about this loser guy who called himself the “Kick Ass” (David starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson), and then half way got to meet this girl who was trained by her dad and is known as the “Hit Girl” (Mindy starring Chloë Grace Moretz).

This is a sequel to it, and basically things continued as per normal with both of them “saving” the world. But half way through it, Mindy promised her guardian to stop being a Hit Girl, and thus Kick Ass went to form his own group. At the same time, Chris (previously known as Red Mist) decided to become a villain and named himself “The Motherfucker”, and to take revenge on Kick Ass. And so, he started to recruit his own gang…

The movie was quite nice. It’s funny but it’s damn bloody. Really bloody. Not suitable for children, if you were to ask me. Imagine seeing hands and heads cut off. Eyes being poked. Blood spurting around. And vulgarities flying out of the actors/actresses mouth. How healthy can this be?

Well, of course if you don’t mind all these gruesome scenes, I guess it’s quite alright. 3.5 out of 5 for me. That’s the max.

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