Ramblings #1061

6.53am – I’m earlier than my alarm clock, again. Is that a good news? Hmm…

7.14am – Monday. Why is it Monday again?

9.16am – For some reasons, I’m feeling a little stress today, or probably just having a heavy head. The sleep is definitely lacking and body aching. And the mind is occupied with tons of things that I’d accumulated due to various reasons. Did I think too much? I think I probably need a rest somewhere this week to regain my energy. The load that I’m carrying is really kind of… heavy…

What is the colour of the sky today?

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Ramblings #0828

1.42am – Time to sleep after a nice chat with the lil’ hub. Hmm… I’m really a person of little words as lil’ hub was commenting that he’s always the one talking. But… I guess that’s how I’m like, right (most of the time)?

7.54am – The creative and cluttered corner.


8.18am – *Opens the door and…* Ah, the haze is bad. *Cough*


9.29am – So… after reading all the updated news regarding MH370, any conclusions? Apparently none. It’s still a mystery as to how can a plane just vanished. Third dimension? Hmm… well… who knows. Anyhow, time to start work before my boss comes and chases me again. Oops.

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Ramblings #0827

6.03am – Waking up at 6am in the morning is definitely not a normal thing to do but I’m simply too tired to prepare whatever stuff that I need later. So here I am, struggling to keep my eyes open and mixing the fondant and the colours… Urgh…

7.45am – Erm… I’m starting to wonder if it’s a correct decision to accept the lil’ hub’s kind gesture to send me to the MRT station… *starring at my watch*

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Ramblings #0705

8.03am – It’s not a norm for me to reach the office so early but the lil’ hub’s offer to send me to work is simply too tempting. I, would rather wake up earlier and take his car, than to squeeze with the people on the buses. Yes, thanks to the increasing population. And thanks to that, the prices of housing and cars have also increased. So is the competition for everything. Sigh… never mind. Don’t really want to spoil my day by talking about such sad things early in the morning. No point worrying if it’s not going to change anything. Bleh. I hate Monday.

10.00am – Sigh… another case of people not reading carefully and making mistakes. Damn. I really hated my job.

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