Ramblings #0912

8.49am – OMG! Did I just rejected a roti prata breakfast invitation!! Woohoo!

9.17am – Trying to lie to me? The calories for roti prata ain’t high? Do you think I’m a 3 year old kid? 2 pratas with curry is at least 500 calories. My usual 3-in-1 less sugar milo with 6 biscuits is only 156 calories! That’s 3 times lesser!!! Now I know why I gotten so much fatter for the past month, you are part of the reason. The roti prata in the morning. And then the other one, McDonald’s at night. Must restrain from all… Must restrain from all… I can do it… All these people just want me fat, because they are fat…


12.45pm – More than 90% of the breakfast burnt! WOOHOO!! But now my legs are aching like crazy. It’s okay, no pain no gain. I will press on! Not the extreme exercise though, am still having slight cough. Yes, I know, it’s been almost 2 weeks but what to do?

1.04pm – EAT THE GREENS! That’s at least 2 portions of vegetables. Will probably skip the sweet and sour pork the next round and aim for those black sauce ones. I’m starting to wonder what kind of meat they use for sweet and sour pork. Nonetheless, I love this stall in this coffeeshop beside Djitsun Mall. The portion is a lot and it’s relatively cheap!


4.20pm – I’m done with the proposal. Am going to leave it to the lil’ hub from here. I’ve done enough. *wash my hands off*

7.58pm – *faintz* Why can’t he just be a little bit more generous?? Fragrance hotel? Really???? -.-”’

11.21pm – At times, I do really feel like strangling that lil’ hub of mine, as in REALLY strangle him till he faint. For the past week, we HAD been discussing about getting a queen size bed, and then thinking how to arrange the layout in the room, and if anyone wanted the old bed and mattress. The whole idea was to have the queen size mattress (for little milkie and I) with the single foldable mattress (for him since he is not here everyday). But suddenly, out of nowhere, he looked shock at the idea that he has to sleep on the foldable bed, and then made a stupid comment that sounds something like, ” Do you expect me to sleep on that? How to sleep?”

Goodness!! Your dearest baby and wife HAD BEEN sleeping on that for the past 1 year +++++!!! *takes a deep breath*

Never mind. Shortly after that, he said, “It’s okay, we are moving back soon.”. Great. I didn’t know that but fine, I’m alright to move back to my own house PROVIDED little milkie and I won’t be late for school and work. So I started planning out what time to wake up, and the moment I said, “We need to wake up at 6am+.”, the next sentence that came from him was, “You stay at your mother’s place.”. F*.

Tell me, how do I talk to a BN guy? [BN = 无脑 = brainless]

Alright, I might sound a little bad over here but it’s exactly what I was thinking at that point in time. There’s NO WAY I can communicate with him if he never thinks before he talks. Trust me, one fine day, I’m just going to get so pissed off, till I grab the baby and drive his car away. He will be, TOTALLY, of not much use to me from then on.


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Thoughts – Diet & Food Log

Is this a good day to start the dieting and exercising plan? I’m not too sure but I’m definitely more determine to try once again after my 25″ Levi’s denim skirt could not be EVEN pulled up through my big fat hip just a while ago. SIGH. Not to mention my chunks of other nice dresses that’s chucked at a corner in my wardrobe. I can only say, it’s better than 6 months back but seems like there’s still a long way to go…

Well, my previous one month plan disappeared into thin air but now I’m going to try again. After all, failure is just part and parcel of life! So, I’m just going to put this post as a STICKY. And note down the kind of food that I’m eating and the exercises that I did, and also the clothes that I wear (my mum’s been complaining that I kept wearing the same few clothes only). Too bad that my knee’s been giving me some extremely big problem which made jogging totally impossible. Anyway, GANBATTE! Here I go… AGAIN, my 1 month plan! *Never say die…*

Updated: (31 October 2013) Let’s start everything on a new month! And that’s tomorrow!! :p

Updated: (5 November 2013) FAILED! *LOL*

01.11.13 Breakfast – Milo + 6pcs Biscuits  NIL wear-log-20131101
Lunch – Bah Chor Mee + 4 Zhui Kueh
Dinner – 1 Fried Chicken Breast
Snacks – Milk
Water – 8 cups
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