Movie – Spider-Man 3


Ah… the old spiderman is so much better than the new one… The amazing spiderman? Hmm… I wonder how amazing it is. I’m sorry, but I’d never watched “The Amazing Spiderman” before. Anyway, it’s the season for all the superheroes movies to be coming out, and so Channel 5, as usual, will start to show all…
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Movie – E.T.


Wow… Have you watched E.T. before? Wow… It’s the FIRST time I’d watch it and WOW… Erm… starring Henry Thomas (Elliot) as the 10 year old child who found E.T., and also Drew Barrymore (Gertie) as his 5 year old sister. Basically, E.T. was left behind while trying to pick up some flora samples (apparently he’s…
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