Food – McCafe @ Hougang Mall

After a boring and moodless day, followed by a shock to realise that the voucher is expiring soon, and then running a few errands before bringing little milkie to cut her hair, and then ordering the kueh lapis and going to the supermarket for a short while, it’s time to FINALLY sit down and rest.

I’m freaking tired, if you were to ask me. The almost 2kg weight that I’m carrying everywhere with me ain’t giving me an easy job. In fact, it’s making me rather breathless nowadays.

Anyway, probably I wasn’t really noticing everytime I’m here at Hougang Mall, or that I simply forgotten, I didn’t realise that there’s a McCafe inside the McDonald’s at level 1, just at the entrance over here until my sis brought it up.



Nothing fantastic, as usual. I just like the idea of them creating different designs even for hot chocolate. It’s nice, really, and suddenly, I wonder if I want to go and learn this technique. It seems really interesting. There’s another one though, using a stenciling template. Hmm… shall KIV this in my list of things I want to try.

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Ramblings #0953

8.28am – I am so early today! Nice way to start a day.

9.35am – And I thought it would be a nice and relaxing Friday morning. Who would have thought that such a question would be posted by that someone again, and I can feel my blood boiling. Ah… I’m getting so short tempered of recent. Oops.

11.43am – You know how sometimes where you wished so much that you can stab on someone? I want to kill my boss now, especially when she just showed me that irritated look. Hey, c’mon, do you need to give that face? Sigh… its not as if my morning is good. Bloody hell. All the stupid people in the world. Can’t you just wait? What is the rush?


12.12pm – Today seems to be quite a bad day. Happily (relatively), we decided to go for a nice and sinful meal at McDonald’s. Am trying to be a LITTLE healthier here by having special requests like double cheeseburger without pickles, fries without salt, milo without ice. But then that irritating auntie just “GIM” me at the end of my order!! And it’s bloody so obvious!!!

When I’m working, I have to face idiots. Now that I’m trying to have a nice lunch, I need to face idiots too. I don’t even want to comment on the lady who kept trying to take out the condiments when I’m standing there! WTF!

1.49pm – Alright, I’m not in a good mood. Too bad for you.

2.29pm – Go and die.

“I am generally a satisfied customer of McDonald’s and its service, and usually there wouldn’t be much of an issue if I were to order with special requests at times. But today as I was served by a lady, named Vicky, at the branch in Hougang One during lunch, I was not only not greeted by a smile or friendly look (which probably doesn’t really matter), in fact, I received a very obvious irritated look at the end of my order with all the special requests. A colleague of mine had also commented that she wasn’t attentive in taking down her order. It definitely wasn’t a very nice experience and I hope this doesn’t reflect the future service that’s going to be provided by McDonald’s.”

3.14pm – (singing) Did I hear you right…? ‘Cos i tot you said “I want Stella to learn whatever that you are doing.” Oh, what the hell. O.O”’ Is that your backup?! Or is there another person called Stella? Okay, no, it’s me, I’ve got the finger pointing at me already -.-”’

3.45pm – Oh gosh. Vainpot. I thought why she went to the toilet for so long just now. so its to put on the concealer or whatever… -.-”’

3.57pm – Oh. it’s the irritating voice again.

7.25pm – Let’s bake a new cake!!

9.36pm – Guinea pigs! Prepare yourself! Here comes my walnut cake with reduced sugar and no recipe followed! *LOL*


11.19pm – Wow, seems like the cake is quite popular. Even little milkie kept on eating. It’s a tad dry but otherwise I think it smells good. Hmm…

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Food – Subway @ Funan IT Mall

Eat fresh for $5! It’s Subway time!

6″ Parmesan Oregano bread, filled with tuna and cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and green peppers, and topped up with honey mustard. YUMMY!


It’s been ages since I last had one. Am now at Funan IT Mall with my colleagues, and we decided to eat something healthier. And for $5, you get to have this 6″ sandwich plus a drink, it sure is quite worth it compared to other fast food. But of course, there’s only a limited selection of choices if you wanted the $5 deal, and the current ones are – egg mayo, veggie delita, ham and tuna!

Good and tasty food but one point which I don’t like. For a busy lunch time with relatively quite a lot of people for a small area, it sure is a little cramp. I had to figure out how to get to my seat that’s right in the middle after all the outside seats were filled. Probably wouldn’t be able to squeeze through if my butt was to be slightly bigger.

Nonetheless, the staffs there were quite friendly. Will still go if I happen to be hanging around that area.

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