Ramblings #1199

6.19am – If you think I’m waking up very early now, I beg to differ. I think I’ll have to wake up even earlier in another month’ time. Die. Is waking up at 5.30am enough? Any earlier I’m afraid that my health and work performance will be affected. But I will continue to endure and hang in there. 6 months plus more to go! Keep on pumping!

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Ramblings #1068

7.35am – Monday, again. And I am so reluctant to wake up but what can I do? Nothing. The idea of taking MC today was scrapped off after thinking about the loads of things to do at work. Not to mention that I haven’t even gotten the letter that there’s increment for my salary! Or is there no increment this year? O.O”’

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Ramblings #1060

1.30am – How nice of the lil’ hub to wake me up only at now to brush my teeth -.-”’

1.39am – Now that I’m awake and can’t really get back to sleep. Let me recap on what I did yesterday. Hmm… Nothing! *LOL* The whole day was spent back in my own house napping away. The MIL wasn’t feeling well yesterday (gastric or indigestion) which I think was caused by her dose of coffee in the morning. But what to do? Asking her to stop drinking coffee is like asking her to take her own life. And asking her to cut down on those internal organs so as to lower her cholesterol level is like asking her to chop off a piece of her meat. Sigh… Oldies… I wonder if I will be like that when I grow old.

Anyhow, my plan to bake cake was cancelled after I realized that I wasn’t really prepared for it, and with little milkie around, plus the late lunch that we had, I reckon it would be better to do it another day. So! I’ve decided that in future. If I ever were to bake again, most likely I will take half a day’s off on a weekday where I can have the WHOLE kitchen to myself!

Darn… The lil’ hub is going to discuss something with me. Ciao.

2.18am – It ain’t good to keep the mind so active at such timing, as the lil’ hub just finished discussing about our housing issue that will come next year. EC or EM? NC or HI? Of course I would prefer the first choice but that is provided that the lil’ hub managed to get a job with salary equivalent to what he drawn prior to his new endeavor. But whatever it is, so long it’s either BIGGER or BETTER than B and C, I’m glad enough. I really can’t stand these 2 friends at times. Always indirectly comparing (anything and everything) and showing off when there’s nothing to show off. People…

Whatever, I’m going to try and sleep now. Goodnight!

7.25am – There really is a difference between the kicks of a boy and of a girl. Darn, this is the nth time that I woke up today…

9.19am – Loops like little milo is finally asleep after successfully waking me up. Good job kiddo! -.-”’

12.10pm – I’m so excited! We are going to a showflat! *LOL* As if we are buying…


3.01pm – Wow… didn’t realise that we actually stayed so long and talked so long with the lady. But it was quite a fruitful trip, to get to know of the housing situation these days. It seems like EC ain’t as popular again, probably due to the property market. Bank interest going up and HDB prices going down, who wants to go for EC? Nonetheless we would have gotten it had it not for our MOP, that is not due in at least another year’s time. And the lil’ hub not having a 9-5 job, yet.

I would like to change it, of course. Who wouldn’t like a new house that’s bigger and nicer, so that everyone can have their own room each, eventually. Of course, we will have to seek for a slightly bigger one, if we are going to do that. After all, little milkie and milo are of different genders, which means they will need to have their own privacy and room when they grow up. And then there’s still my MIL who is staying with us. That’s at least 4 rooms. Ouch. I can already feel the pain due to the hole in my pocket.

Anyway, it’s just wishful thinking for now. We’ll see how things goes…

8.34pm – At times, I really disliked the lil’ hub’s side of the family. Do this also comment, do that also comment. But when they are the ones that did it, they’ll say otherwise. Why compare?? Why does people need to compare everything and anything? Size of the house, the car that you drove, your children – girl or boy, the school your children study in, their results, after that the salary. It’s like… WTF? These people really pisses me off at times, so much so that I want to make sure I’m better than them! Shut their mouth up completely! Irritating.

11.36pm – Let’s try and sleep. Don’t talk. Don’t think.

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Ramblings #1050

1.54am – It’s the middle of the night and I swear that I’m freaking sleepy. But with that bulge growing bigger by the day, sleeping once again, proves to be difficult. I read my luck for next year. It wasn’t too bad. Asked me to manage my money better, which I certainly hope so. And also to stop procrastinating. Sigh…

6.48am – It’s more or less quite expected that he won’t be going for the test. Furthermore, it’s such a nice cooling morning. I just hope he won’t get lazier and lazier.

8.53am – Early in the morning and I’m thrown with such wonderful questions. Nice greetings for the first day after the one week break. Sucks to have such colleagues who like to “aim” at people and the moment they stepped in, they start asking questions after questions about work. There should be an official time given for settling down!

10.45am – Frugality. Frugality. Frugality. I just looked back on my past expenses and oh my! Did I use up my 5-digit savings last year? I think I did. Perhaps I would have done better had I taken note a little bit more. Nonetheless, with the lil’ hub’s irregular income like that, with me trying to help out in some of the groceries and expenses doesn’t seem like an extremely wise decision. And him not taking on some of my advices is plain stupid. But I’ve said whatever I want and there’s no point repeating. In 2015, I will try not to take so many responsibilities. At least, not the utilities. WHY am I paying for it when I’m not even using it (most of the time)!

I seriously hope that he can get a job soon. Preferably before the baby is due. The market outlook ain’t that good and he’s so picky even in earning some little income. Maybe I should get him to start doing some odd jobs. Something is seriously wrong if he still can’t get a job by April. Anyway, who Asked him to think so highly of himself. This period of time will make him re-think about his own capabilities. Honestly, it sucks a little. Meanwhile, I guess I can only endure and hopefully bite it through…


1.01pm – I’m so full now. Just finished my lunch and am now rotting and chit chatting with my bosses and colleagues. Today’s our potluck day but only half of them joined. Little milo seems to be enjoying the food too for he’s kicking every now and then. Hmm… I wonder if he will be as active as little milkie when he’s out. 3 more months, I will probably know 😀

5.20pm – The secret is out.

5.24pm – She really got the patience to “play” with these 2 little boys… If its me, I would have already kicked them far far away if I suspect so many things…

5.28pm – Little milo, what are you doing inside? Doing a somersault or learning taekwondo? Why is mommy feeling so many kicks and punches? 15 more weeks or less to go. Will see you this saturday. Hang in there okay?

5.31pm – What would have caused someone to be so angry and don’t wish to talk to him, and subsequently slamming down the phone IN the office?

10.30pm – Let’s try and make little milkie asleep early so that I can read and sing to little milo later on. ^^

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Thoughts – Day 1: Money Management

Are you the one who doesn’t earn much but yet is able to save lots of money? Or are you the one who never seem to earn enough to cover whatever that you spend? If you belong to the earlier group, well, good for you because no matter how much you earn, you don’t seem to need to worry about having your ends meet.

I, belong to the latter one. But it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. It only means I need to spend more effort in controlling and managing of my money. I’d tried and succeeded before, but of course, I ended up going back to my old ways when I started being less aware of it. Still, I KNOW it’s doable and I’m trying it again, and hopefully, being able to maintain it.

So here’s the what needs to be done:

(1) List out ALL the fixed incomes and expenses that you have monthly. You need to have an overview of your finance. It’s a VERY important step. Using an excel (preferably, you can download the one I’m using from here), calculate the total incomes and expenses, and get an idea of how much you have extra/shortage per month. If this is a negative number, I think you are in BIG trouble. It’s really an emergency to see if you can cut down on any of the expenses at all, or find ways to earn more. If it’s a positive number, then the next thing is to plan for the “SAVE” part. No matter how pathetic you can save each month, it doesn’t matter. Start small, and try to increase later on.

(2) Make it a point to note down what you spend daily. It’s difficult and troublesome but that will give you an overview on what you spent on, and in that way, easier for you to control on your spending on the respective aspect.

(3) Have at least 2 bank accounts. One for normal usage, second for the untouchables. Make the second one as difficult to withdraw the money as possible. Preferably with no ATM card. Make sure you save a fixed amount every month first, once you’d gotten your pay, instead of thinking “I will save whatever that I have left at the end of the month”. It, generally doesn’t work that way. I’d tried, and failed BADLY. *LOL*

(4) Don’t use your credit card where possible. It gives you a false sense of the amount of money that you have.

(5) Be frugal, very frugal, extremely frugal! Stop taking the cabs. Stop your shopping, online or not. Stop walking around in shopping centres. Stop meeting up with friends so often. Stop going to restaurants and start going home for dinner.

(6) Only start thinking about investment if you have the extras. Otherwise, just do the above 5 points for now. And if you indeed have extras for investment, invest wisely. I’d never had the chance (sadly) to do investments yet, so I can’t really advise on this point.

Last note: If you have someone trustworthy that can help you to maintain and manage all these, go for it! That’s all I can think of, the simple ways to getting a positive number. Good luck!

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Ramblings #0864

3.48am – It definitely doesn’t help when you’ve got a not-so-intelligent husband, who wakes you up in the middle of the night, just to ask you if you’ve pasted the mosquito patch on the baby… Damn it. WHY COULDN’T YOU SIMPLY SEE FOR YOURSELF, AND IF DON’T HAVE, PASTE IT ON YOUR OWN, OR ELSE YOU USE THE MOSQUITO REPELLENT INSTEAD??!!!

You woke me up despite the fact that you know very well that (i) I’m a light sleeper and wakes up very easily and (ii) I have sleeping disorder especially of recent. The sleep’s been disturbed. You happily went back to sleep while I struggled a little to get back to sleep. How wonderful… -.-”’

8.52am – I can vaguely remember anything. I felt very tired but I thought I tried to sleep early too…? No, wait. I woke up and played the game. But why did I wake up… *stares at the lil’ hub who was giggling away*

9.12am – Breakfast at the Sheng Siong nearby. Sucks. The butter and kaya tasted a bit weird, and the eggs are a little too uncooked. *thumbs down*


11.21am – Is my face so not recognizable or that I’m being forgotten?? Looking at the comments written by the birthday boy on other wishes but not on mine. *furious*

12.39pm – I sat in the middle of the fast food restaurant, munching my fries away as groups of students from various school poured in. There wasn’t anything special about those kids until some words caught my attention. Vulgarities. Not just once, but continuously. I turned over and tried to identify which school that kid is from. And then I looked around, and realizes that there were students from all the 3 nearby schools around. I started to watch how the students behave and the following was what I’d concluded.

  • School A: A few speaking loudly in public, and that included vulgarities (both in Hokkien & English). Girls wearing skirt with the hem lines ending at least 15cm above knees, and sat on chairs like nobody’s business (legs opened wide).
  • School B & C: All look prim and proper, and talking at a normal volume and tone.

If you have a child, which school would you enrol him/her into? I’m so very glad that my cousin managed to get into School B, and that his mum finally gave up (after realizing that the opposition group is too strong for her one-woman-stand) insisting on letting him to go into School A. Sigh… what is her mind thinking of…

1.45pm – It’s always nice to have lunch with an old friend. Just had one again with the crappy guy, whom used to be my first official boyfriend. I seriously wonder what did I like in him. *LOL* Or maybe I’d never, but treated him as just a very good friend. Anyway, I’m glad that he seems to be really enjoying the work that he’s doing, though no doubt, it’s no easy money.

2.46pm – Hmm… suddenly felt so old after looking at a related relative’s photo… she has aged… and got fatter… so have I… O.O”’ Ah!!!!!!! NO, NO, NO! I can’t be like that!!

4.38pm – Shhh… I love my lil’ hub. *giggles* *POOF!*

4.50pm – It’s nice to re-watch your own wedding montage. Furthermore, created by yourself… Hahaha… It’s always good to reminisce on the fun times back then. Reminds you on why you got married. Hmm… Shall I share it? ^^

Damn it. I was so slim back then… *CRY…*

5.09pm – Was reading this article on the 11 list of things you would regret in your 30s. One of which, I am VERY afraid that I would regret… that is, not saving enough for my retirement, if I ever retires. I suck at money management, and I admit it. I’m not even saving for the past year. But how…?

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Ramblings #0793

10.44am – Right. So I’ve been calculating my financial status since the morning and alas… I must have really overspent a little way too much for these past months. Yes yes, I know I ought to cut down, but really, as what the prophecy had said, there really IS a lot of temptations this year. And WOW, they are really all GOOD temptations. Sigh… so much so, indeed, it’s hard to resist. Nonetheless, I’ll try, really try…

11.55am – Goodness… only 10 minutes into this Spin Cycling class and my sweat is dripping like crazy!

12.46pm – I’m so glad it’s finally over. Hands off the bike, butt off the bike. Goodness… it’s the first time I’d ever tried and my legs are breaking. Though I only manage to hold for a few seconds, it’s enough to crippled both of my legs. I really wondered how those people can survive… Now… the legs felt numb…

2.56pm – Money, money, money… I started to really worry about it since I graduated from University. After which, bills started showing up with my name on it. One, two, three… and it continues to grow as you take up more responsibilities. Sigh… it’s a rat race out there. I hope little milkie won’t need to face that. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean I’m going to spoon feed her and let her have a life unlike mine. It basically means… I’m going to start her young, so that she’s got a head start compared to those of her peers, and then from there, hopefully, can get her above the race. Alternatively, a whole different concept as what our parents had shown us – a stable education with a stable income in a boring life.

*Looking at her photos on my screensaver* Darn. She’s so bloody cute, just like me. *LOL*


4.11pm – The Empress left. Hmm… let’s wish her good luck in her future endeavour. Again, she’s not a bad person by nature. Just a little too micro-managing at the point where she’s at her peak, and couldn’t manage well everything. Oh well, we shall see from now on…

4.33pm – I’m so freaking sleepy… Hang on… Hang on… an hour more…

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Ramblings #0723

8.19am – Ah! I didn’t know that the lil’ hub won’t be sending me to work! Die… I’m not even dressed yet!

8.48am – Saw the passenger alighting from a cab. Looked at the watch… Should I or should I not? Hmm… Hmm… Let’s see if I’m fated. If the cab comes before I reached the junction, I’ll take. ^^

8.52am – I’m glad I took the cab…

9.48am – Finished my breakfast and calculated my total damages for the past few weeks of uncontrolled shopping. Die… Almost $3,000! O.O”’ How did it end up there? With Christmas coming, I wonder how am I going to top up that amount back into my bank… *facepalm* Who ask you to shop so much…

10.44am – I really wonder what’s the point of setting the goals when it’s being set by the TOP and not by own self. Hmm…

11.30am – The office seems a little quiet today. The admin’s on compassionate leave and the other two are nowhere to be seen. Typing’s proved rather difficult for me today too, since my nail on my tiny finger (left hand) cracked. It’s now then I realized that it’s so important to me for pressing the few buttons such as Ctrl & Shift. Ouch, still hurts when I uses it.

5.10pm – Urgh! Tried to figure out on how to fix the vertical thumbnails for the whole day and still couldn’t fix it! So annoyed with myself!

5.16pm – That’s it for today. I give up. I’m going to try another method to stop myself from wasting more time.

11.52pm – WOOHOO! I solved it! I solved it!! Let’s call for a celebration by taking MC tomorrow! *LOL* Bon nuit, minnasan!

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