Food – Poh Poh Roasted Chicken & Duck Rice @ Serangoon Garden Market & Food Centre

I know what I wanted to eat today, and I know this stall existed because the stall that I ate that day was just beside it. So without much hesitation, I went ahead to get my usual orders – roasted chicken, breast meat with added egg.

Simple. Clear. And I think I said it quite loudly.

There were 2 persons standing there, chit-chatting. One uncle and one auntie. The uncle started preparing the tray and chilli, while the auntie went in to do something else. Very quickly, the food came.


But alas… it wasn’t roasted. They gave me the white chicken. Breast meat though. I took it nonetheless and hmm… it cost me around $3.70 or $3.80. Wasn’t really sure about the change that the uncle gave me.

Anyway, I took the food and… *shake head* The chilli wasn’t nice. It’s too sweet. The rice wasn’t fragrant enough and so is the chicken. Hmm… no good.

Which unit? #01-15. No no no… and after this, I’d decided! I shall try and try out all the stalls (as long as I eat one of the food that they sell) in this hawker centre! Just for fun.

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Food – Lao Song Fa Fishball Noodle @ Serangoon Garden Market & Food Centre

I wasn’t sure what I want to eat, so it took me quite a while to look around to see what is available. It was a cold day with the rain stopping only a while ago, and with the fan blowing right at our seat, I decided to choose those food that are hot and soupy. And then the awards and posters, and what not caught my eyes.

I wondered… is it really that nice? If it is, as what those TV programs etc. had mentioned, then why isn’t there much queue? Lao Song Fa… (#01-14)

Anyhow, since I didn’t have anything in mind in particular that I wanted to eat, I decided to give it a try. The “Xiao Wan Mian”, where there’s a bowl of soup with all the balls and vegetables, and then another bowl of noodle put separately. $4 for that. Was a normal price for such.


And then, it was the time for the try-out. Hmm… I have no idea where is the attractive point. I did find something not to my liking though. The small bowl (as what the name means) of noodles is really a bit small. And that it was a little starchier. The sauce wasn’t exactly that nice too, I think that’s because some ketchup or sweet sauce was added, which makes it a little too sweet.

Original Botanical Garden Famous Fish Ball Noodle. What would make people consider this as nice? The soup and fishball was alright though. But it’s as normal as I can find. And then I wondered… are those TV shows for real? On all the nice food etc. or are they really paid, as what some rumours had said?

I… probably won’t eat it again.

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Food – Yong Ji Bah Kut Teh @ Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1

After driving around for the past 20 minutes in search of a nice and not so crowded eating place, and also to satisfy my colleague’s cravings for having bah kut teh, the two of us arrived at this hawker (more of market), located at Blk 341 #01-04 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1.

It’s easily located as there’s a bus stop right in front of it (near the main road of Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1). But if you were to drive, you’ll need to park somewhere further.

Anyway, there wasn’t much crowd today (luckily). Heard from my colleague that there usually is a long queue during dinner hours. We ordered a pig’s trotter, a bowl of bah kut teh, a plate braised vegetables and fried youtiao.


Well, the pig’s trotter wasn’t too bad, especially when the meat was quite lean. In fact, the pork for the bah kut teh was quite lean too. BUT it’s a little too salty especially towards the end when you are finishing the soup in the bowl. The vegetables wasn’t all that fantastic either. As for the price, the total was about $15.

It probably will still be on my list of “to-go-back-and-eat” if not for the comments that the seller said to my colleague when she asked for a top-up of soup for the SECOND time – “This is the last time that you can top up as you only ordered 1 bowl.” Hmm… did I hear it right? This is definitely the first time that I heard that the soup cannot be topped up more than a fixed amount of times!

Honestly, the stall holder is not in the wrong but really, how much can one person drink? And do you not care about the fact that this customer won’t be coming back because of what you said? Or is it that you are simply too arrogant to please one customer because you’ve got more than enough?

Sigh… so, conclusion… OUT!!

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Food – Chai Kee Prawn Noodle @ Kovan Hawker

It’s lunch time! And my lunch kakis brought me to eat something that I’d been craving for a while. PRAWN NOODLE!

Honestly, I’m not really a fan of prawns. In fact, I’m somewhat a little allergic to it but for some reasons, I kind of like prawn kway teow, especially if the soup is really nice.

So here I am, in the Kovan hawker centre, with the market beside. If you are talking about ambience or cleanliness, *cough*, I think it’s best that you go somewhere else. *LOL* It’s neither clean nor nice, and you can actually smell the smelly market smell (of blood or whatever) if you sit near the stall, which is located at the last row of stalls.

Anyway, talk about the noodle. The soup’s not too bad, though I wouldn’t say it’s the best. But for a price of $3.50, I think it’s still alright. There’s a short queue though but thankfully the uncle isn’t those snail-like kind where he takes his own sweet time. You can choose to put chilli powder in it too.

Quite alright, can try if you want.


Updated (11 November 2014):

12.24pm – Not sure if it’s the standard that had dropped, or that my standard has increased, or simply that I don’t have that good a mood. Today’s prawn noodle ain’t as nice as I remembered, and my colleague complained about it too. The soup is a little bland. My colleague had to pour a bit of light soya sauce in it (and still complained after that).

The short queue is there though, and the price is still the same but it’s just the taste. Let’s hope it gets better if I do ever go back next time.

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Food – Rong Cheng Bak Kut Teh @ Sin Ming Road

Something to learn: When the waitress/waiter is bringing the food, DO NOT be too nice and help them to bring down the food from the tray because you never know what might happen next…

Here we are, having the Rong Cheng Bak Kut Teh in this coffee shop located somewhere along Sin Ming Road. So after waiting for just a while, the food came. And as usual, this colleague of mine is always so nice to help you bring the food down from the tray (which I think is fine), but she tends to do that to waitress/waiter too. Guess what happens next? Probably the bowl is a little too hot and oily, it slipped from her hand and everything (the meat and soup) poured out from the bowl and onto the tray.

Awkward silence.

Right. I mean, it’s not her fault, she’s just being nice. And really, there’s nothing wrong with helping and being nice to people. ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong. But when it comes to such case, I would say, leave it to the waitress/waiter. After all, who’s going to pay for it in such scenarios? At a hawker.

Anyway, let’s talk about the food. Erm… seriously, I’m not too sure what’s so nice about it. It’s the white colour one, with not a lot of pepper in it. Doesn’t taste extremely splendid for the soup. The pig’s trotter was quite alright though. Salted vegetables and the steams peanut also okay. But I really wonder what is so nice about it such that my colleague recommended it so much?


Hmm… anyway, it’s still nice but the location was bad. In the middle of Sin Ming Road and not near to any train station? Hmm… I doubt I’ll really come all the way here.

Price wise, let’s say, its about the average. So really, I don’t see much special thing about it.

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Food – Pasir Ris Fish Soup @ Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10

It looks alright and smells right. Definitely tasted right with that first mouth of the hot soup. I’m currently at Blk 453A Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, at the market hawker, and having this relatively yummy fish soup. Furthermore, it was raining and the weather is cold, so you can imagine how nice it was to drink a bowl of hot soup.


It was all okay until…

I took my second mouthful of fish and rice and AH! A bone went straight between by gum and teeth. Thankfully, it wasn’t those sharp ones, and though it caused some bleeding, it wasn’t really that painful. I didn’t let that dampen my mood and continue happily eating it, with a little caution. And then… I saw an insect. A black one. I took its body out and then dropped it on the bloody tissue. Gross as it is, I continued to eat since I’m only half way done. Guess what? I saw another dead insect after 10 minutes, a green one. I’m only glad that firstly, I already almost finished eating it, and secondly, I never down that into my mouth. Urgh. Is the cleanliness of grade F?


Will I go back to eat again? Erm… I think I’ll have second thoughts. Though the food tastes quite nice, the way they prepares their food sure stops me from going for more…

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