Food – McCafe @ Hougang Mall

After a boring and moodless day, followed by a shock to realise that the voucher is expiring soon, and then running a few errands before bringing little milkie to cut her hair, and then ordering the kueh lapis and going to the supermarket for a short while, it’s time to FINALLY sit down and rest.

I’m freaking tired, if you were to ask me. The almost 2kg weight that I’m carrying everywhere with me ain’t giving me an easy job. In fact, it’s making me rather breathless nowadays.

Anyway, probably I wasn’t really noticing everytime I’m here at Hougang Mall, or that I simply forgotten, I didn’t realise that there’s a McCafe inside the McDonald’s at level 1, just at the entrance over here until my sis brought it up.



Nothing fantastic, as usual. I just like the idea of them creating different designs even for hot chocolate. It’s nice, really, and suddenly, I wonder if I want to go and learn this technique. It seems really interesting. There’s another one though, using a stenciling template. Hmm… shall KIV this in my list of things I want to try.

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Food – Sakae Sushi @ Hougang One

This is by far, one of the worst meal that I’d taken for so long. Probably it’s due to my poor appetite too but I attribute mostly to the food (and services). There wasn’t much choices (to my mum) to consider for dinner at Hougang One. So after pondering for quite a while, we decided to go for Sakae Sushi, one which I used to hang out really often (like more than 10 years ago before all the other Japanese restaurants started popping out like nobody’s business). But then, I stopped going to Sakae Sushi after the company’s direction decided to change where instead of offering cheap and good food, they started to come up with a lot of new innovation and combination of food, and INCREASED the price of it.

Anyhow, I cast that thought aside and decided to give it a try again. The first impression was already bad. I stood at the waiting area for minutes but yet no one came out to serve us. Wrong, I didn’t even see any waiter or waitress at all. I would have assumed that they were closed for business had not for that few customers having their meals inside. It was only after around 5 minutes, when my dad carried little milkie inside, then suddenly one lady came out from nowhere. I seriously wonder where they are hiding. Well, or should I say, probably they were a bit shorthanded for I only get to see 1 waiter and 1 waitresses throughout that dinner. To add on, it’s 2 person who has equally bad face.

Service, I would say. Was bad. I didn’t even get my green tea… Sigh…


Taste? Sigh… even worse. None of the food tasted nice. I couldn’t even really find what I want to eat in the menu. In the end, I decided to eat a bit of whatever they all had ordered. I’m glad I did and save that money. Little milkie’s udon tasted tasteless. The salmon was a little too dry. Chawanmushi is tasteless too. My tuna mayo is those from the cans and there’s so little. Tori karaage sucks. BBQ chicken tasted like those that I ate at Sazeriya, which means it’s oven-baked. What else is nice? I wondered…

Price? Gosh! $97+! When there’s only 3 main course + a kid’s main course! How did it add up to that??? I would have a lot more tastier food had I went to Ichiban.

So that’s it. No more Sakae Sushi no matter what. That’s my review for it, after sooooooooooo long. Thank you.

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Food – Tzi Char @ Hougang Mall Foodcourt

Most of the time, I wrote about food that I considered as quite alright or edible. But today, it’s going to be entirely different because I probably had one of the WORST food in my entire life. I seriously hope that they can close shop soon, or change the chefs.

I’m now sitting in the foodcourt of Hougang Mall, there’s only one at level 4. I skipped my usual Qiu Lian Ban Mian and had initially wanted to have some chicken rice. But weirdly, there’s NO chicken rice stall in Hougang Mall foodcourt. People who wants to become stall owners can probably consider selling this inside. Anyway, since I have no idea what to eat, I decided to check out this stall where at that point in time, there’s 2 people in front of me (unlike some of the stalls where there wasn’t any queue at all).

So what did I order? Sweet & sour fish.

There’s 2 Chinese working in that stall. The guy was cooking previously while the girl was frying some fish using those traditional deep fryer. As I stood there waiting, I already found it weird that why do they need to fry the fish using the deep fryer instead. But anyway, it could be the fact that later they cook the sauce at the other side and pour on it. But it gets weirder after the guy finished cooking and simply stood there without doing anything anymore (by this time, there’s only my order). And then I saw it…

The lady took out a few pieces of fried fish and put on the plate. Then another piece of egg that was cooked god-knows-when before that. And then a bowl of rice went onto the plate. The shocking moment came when she took out that bottle of ketchup or BBQ sauce and pour A BIT over the fish, and then threw in 2 pieces of cabbage, and handed it over to me.


My appetite wasn’t that good to begin with. And they made it worse. Got worsen even more after I tasted it. Why? The salt is free. Their fish tasted so extremely salty till I think they soaked it over night. I’m pretty sure something is very wrong with their taste bud.

*CONDEMNED* I’m never going to get anything else from this stall anymore.

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