Motherhood – A WIN-WIN Situation

Everyone deals with their children differently. Some gave their children whatever they want and love them to bits, while some will insist their children to do certain things, irregardless of whether they like it, want to or not.

So for example, in the event if you want your child to sleep (since it’s already 10pm), but he/she insisted on continuing to play, and then making a fuss after that (crying and throwing a tantrum). What would you do?

Generally, I feel that one shouldn’t give in nor be too hard on the child. Either of that would be a little too extreme. Thus, for my way of approach, I normally would try the soft one first, before the hard one, and lastly again on the softer approach, which is the compromisation. So here’s the deal:

Step 1: Talk nicely to them and get them to sleep. If that doesn’t work, go to Step 2.

Step 2: Go hard on them. No, means NO. If they started crying or yelling, get them to calm down (a lower tone and volume might work better) before you go to Step 3.

Step 3: Compromise.

Children, to me, should be talked to in a way similar to that of adults (exclude all the sad and hidden agendas). They should know that in order to achieve something, one must know how to give and take. And also to let them know that they will not always get fully on what they want, so long they cry.

Parenting is hard work (yes, nobody said it would be easy). I’m still learning and am still training my baby. But I would say she roughly understands how I work nowadays. Especially with the help of her daddy who simply goes the hard way most of the time, it simply makes it so much easier for me to use the soft approach. Right, I’m the good guy, and he’s the bad. *LOL*

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Learning to Crawl

Crawling. One of the ways the babies can get around on their own. And for most babies, it will be their first method. Normally, babies started to crawl from 7 months old and onwards, after they learned to flip and is on their tummy, and probably knows how to sit without support. I’ve got a friend telling me to flip the baby over and let them be on their tummy for a few hours daily to “train” them. Her baby started to crawl quite early.

Anyway, how do you know when your baby is about to crawl? Really, there’s no fix time nor fix method. And every baby crawl differently. But generally, if you start seeing your baby always on her tummy, with his/her butt up, as if trying to push himself front, or with their front body up supported by their hands, it’s a good chance that they are trying to move. This will probably takes about a few weeks to months before you see them on their fours and moving at tremendous speed.

And the best place for them to learn is either on the mattress or on those rubber baby play mat, as they don’t get hurt so easily.

I did not train my baby at all, and *LOL* she just suddenly started crawling at almost 1 year old! And the funniest of all, it’s a COMBAT style! You know, like those kind where guys did in the army. But she’s definitely better than me. According to my mum, I did not crawl at all, and my sister replaced her “crawling” by pushing her butt and leg in a sitting position. We are both growing normally and still is. So I supposed this isn’t a really important milestone. But sure is a cute and fun milestone if it ever happens.

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Are those Milk Teeth Coming Out, YET?

It can begin as early as 3 months old or as late as 1 year old (or even later for some rare cases), that’s what I read from all over. I guess it really depends on individual.

At 6 months old, I begin to wonder when is her milk teeth coming out. There was totally no signs of it, not even just the tip of one of it. And friends had been asking me if her teeth are out because their babies one came out, not just 1 but almost all of the first 4 teeth, both older and younger than her by a few months.

I started to wonder if her diet is lack of some nutrients or minerals and thus the slow speed. But it seems like, as much as teeth will grow healthily if there’s enough nutrition etc., there’s no way the speed can be controlled. And it shouldn’t be.

So, I started to wait and finally when she’s almost 7 months, the tip of one came out. Hardly noticeable, but it’s painful when she bites your finger. What can I say? Every child is unique. There’s no point comparing how much one grows and worrying too much about it if she’s not as up to speed as the others. So long it’s not WAY out, I guess it’ll do just fine.

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