Ramblings – From Halloween to Christmas

5.47am – Cries and more cries. What on earth is happening? As much as I tried to pretend that I’m still dreaming, I could not. The cries are getting louder and it’s way too long. So I woke up and found my sis trying to calm him down while my dad makes the milk. I carried him over and calms him down. He stops crying almost immediately, a sign that he’s only thowing tantrums. I distracted him with songs till my dad finished making the milk. He drank and went back to sleep. Apparently he woke up an hour plus ago and refused to sleep. I really am very thankful that I’ve got my parents to help. Otherwise I think I will be more than a panda everyday.

7.14am – 2k more xp to level up to 28! Takes such a long time to level up nowadays…

7.31am – Oops. Forgotten that the kid has no school today. If only it wasn’t the month end, I might just take MC. Cough’s coming back again or should I say, it never actually left.

7.38am – Darn. Forgot to bring my organizer. What did I plan to do today?

7.51am – Level 28!

8.45am – Back at work. Last day of October. 2 more months to go. What should I do with it? There’s so many things that I want to do!

10.33am – Less than an hour before the Halloween event is over for Pokemon GO. Should I try and up my level? But I’m so tired…

10.52am – Rammaging through the photos in my phone. Ah… my mum’s going to nag on me for not developing the photos yet again. Am so tempted to buy that photo printer.


Here’s the lil’ hub eating the Snorlax instant noodle that we created in Japan with tomato chilli powder, kimchi, prawn, crab meat and can’t remember what’s the last one. Not too bad. Missed my holiday. I wonder when we will go back again… but at least I went before, finally.


Here’s my little milo who is growing up fast! Getting so naughty. Will try and spend more time with him. It’s so difficult to divide the time between so many parties.

1.41pm – Suddenly I recalled what happened last Friday when I was teleworking from home. Messaged my RO (who is only one grade above me) on some non-related work and then suddenly she said that hopefully our boss won’t asked where I am because teleworking needs to be approved by the MIC, and she is not my MIC. I was stunned (like vegetable), of course. My first reaction was ‘What the hell’. Why did you say ‘if you want to work from home then go on, I am ok’ when you are not the one approving. It is so bloody misleading!

Thankfully she didn’t ask and we managed to ‘cover up’ because she was late and wasn’t in the office. It was a close call. But because of this, I felt like I need to watch for my back. It’s like, last week she asked if I want to start the exercise, I told her I’m alright, just let me know what to do but now she’s doing it everything on her own again. Then how and when will she ever handover her stuff to me? Unless she don’t want to?

She seems harmless but well… I hope she is really harmless… anyway, I better try and buck up on my side and be more pro-active.

Took my lunch and ran some errands. Cleared my NTUC points and emailed to cancel it. Redeemed my IKEA points too. Then went to get a bottle of QV cream. Am so lazy for the past year but now my skin, teeth and hair are suffering. Sigh… if only maintaining all these can be easily done or at least scheduled with a press of a button. Then someone or something will guide you through it…

2.04pm – Watched one movie also so headache. Want to accompany your mum. Want to spend time with kids. See lah, it’s so difficult to spend couple time together because of one reason, we are not staying together. But whatever, I am done discussing with you on that lest we end up arguing AGAIN. I will just skip this movie or alternatively, go and watch on my own.

3.16pm – I just waited for 30 minutes on the phone, trying to talk to the customer service personel from OCBC. Goodness! Now I remembered why I didn’t really want to have any relation with this bank! And that NTUC lady isn’t that friendly in the email. Something’s so wrong with our customer service people.

3.27pm – Why are you so irritated today? Because I didn’t bring my organizer, and I accidentally spilled the soya sauce, then the lil’ hub couldn’t decide on watching the movie, and I waited half an hour for OCBC lousy customer service. Now I’m hungry ‘cos I’m trying to diet and thus didn’t finish up my rice but yet I’m not supposed to snack. I’m sleepy die to the disturbed sleep and now I am extremely grouchy!

4.50pm – Oh yes. Almost forgotten. The MIL had decided to go back to her house during that ‘homeless’ period. Actually more or less expected. Who would want to stay in other people’s flat when you’ve got your own. It will be at least from 3 to 6 months. Sigh… which means I can’t bake too.

4.59pm – Oh yes! Did I mention that I finally hatched a Lapras?! Yup, I did! And the 10k egg came from Kyoto, at a small fountain. I was telling the lil’ hub that it will be a Lapras because there are water (though it’s really small) and who knows it really is! Got a dratini and scyther as well from the other 2 eggs that I got it elsewhere. Am hatching another one now at 9.5km. Hopefully I will get another Lapras! *Lol* Maybe I should start walking now.


5.51pm – Stop tempting me. I am not going to eat you even though I am hungry. (Apparently eating half a bowl of rice can’t last me till the end of a work day)


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Thoughts – Trapped in Your Shadow

For the first time in years, I felt a strong desire to break free of your clutches and fly. It’s been too long. Way too long. And because of you, I felt like a bird, trapped in a cage, unable to fly. I was always behind you, right under your shadow, following you wherever you go. But why should I? I can be better. In fact, a lot better! Every inch of it!

Today, I have finally decided and am determined to leave you, forever. Maybe i will visit you again, some day, but it won’t be for long.

I want to be in the sky. I want to breathe the fresh air. And most importantly, I want to be happy.

So long, you *beep*, for imprisoning me for so many years. I’m ready to fly!


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Thoughts – Bye, My First House

Post, view, gone.

That was how I felt when the lil’ hub brought the news to me right after I came out from the toilet. I wasn’t mentally prepared. How long have I stayed…?

Reminiscing back, we were, or at least I, was happily designing the interior for our flat. Searching for IDs, getting quotes, buying furniture etc. It was fun, I had fun. It came out almost as what I had wanted with that controlled budget.

Then I got preggy (planned, not shotgun), and then followed by the wedding, and we moved in. Happily stayed there for 3 months with just the 2 of us before my MIL shifted in. Then nightmares came (for me). Colours coordinations went off, stove went oily, rugs everywhere. With those hormones, I wasn’t ready to accept those changes. Furthermore, getting scare every now and then definitely wasn’t something I’m looking forward to. Lasted around 4 months and thats it. More or less it ended my stay there. Less than a year…

It felt foreign now, doesn’t feel like my house though I know I will miss it. In fact I’ve miss it for years, so much so that I felt numbed. People kept saying “are you going back to your in-law’s house?” when it is actually mine. It’s more like a hotel now, especially to the kids, only going back to sleep every now and then.

This morning, the lil’ hub put it up for sale. Our MOP had passed a month plus ago. We hadn’t thought of selling it yet but our agent for the new unit advised us to, as there will be a big bunch of people doing it. Thus, we decided to just try it out. But who knows, someone called for viewing. And so they came at 9pm, viewed for 10 minutes or so and left. I thought that’s it. But at 10pm+, the agent came knocking on our door and then she told us that the couple had decided to offer us $x amount. After a very quick and never thoroughly think through discussion, we decided to sell it. And that’s it. It was sold.

That’s just it. The place where I wished to stay a long time ago but hadn’t really had the chance to, will be totally gone in another few months’ time. A tad sad but nothing that I can do.

I hope history won’t repeat itself though. I’ve learned to give in tons but there are still certain things that I cannot especially if I am staying there. Shall see how things goes.

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