Food – Cafe & Meal MUJI @ Paragon

Recommended by my cousin – Cafe & Meal @ Muji. We were collecting the halloween donuts and thus happened to be around.

Located in Orchard Paragon, level 4, at a corner of MUJI, is where the small cafe is. It is a self-ordered cafe which reminded me of IKEA. There isn’t a wide range of food. Basically it seems like the chinese vegetable rice where you can choose between the dishes except that over here, it has been categorized into hot and cold.


I chose the deli 4, which cost around $17 and consist of 2 hot items, 2 cold items and a dessert. On top of that I added a drink, a plate of fries and miso soup to share with little milkie.



The quantity was alright. Price is a little high for me as it seems to be just normal meat, vegetables and rice. But the ambience was good, at least I like it. And the food tasted nice too so because of that, I don’t mind going back there for some food and drinks.

So far there’s only 2 branches around. One in Paragon and the other in Raffles City. Can hop by if you want to try some Japanese food.

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Ramblings #1256

7.46am – Tuesday. Bright & sunny. Will I continue to see that when I grow old?

It’s a good day for moving and so I have decided to move my seat today at 9am. I’m not sure still if that was a good decision, but it was from my opinion, the best decision at that point in time.

There are stuffs which are still outstanding and I will have to clear it as soon as possible. Wouldn’t want to have too many backlogs.

Back at home, things are getting messy again. Little milkie is having her school holidays and everyday, I will have to nag her to clear up my room. Even for myself, things are piling up too.

The mind is a little clouded these days though. And it didn’t help with that struggle to let it go.

“Once upon a time, there was a little bird who is so carefree. Flying high up in the sky. One day, another bird asked it to come down, offering her some food. It gladly came but who knows, it’s leg got entangled by a thread. The other bird flew away and it was left all alone. Many years passed, it stood there, looking high up at the other bird, wondering why it had left, envying its friends. But then one day, a small caterpillar came and said, ‘Why don’t you try and free yourself? Just bite off that thread!’. The bird had forgotten that it could save itself while looking at the other bird, and too, that it will be able to fly high up in the sky. Will it be able to do it?”


9.32am – I’m moving now! Woohoo!

10.38am – Moved! With a nice view. Shall enjoy while it lasts… heard we might need to shift again.


12.18pm – Japanese food at $7. Hmm… not too expensive. I guess it’s just a normal foodcourt price. The quantity was quite a lot. Taste not too bad. Will probably try the omelette rice the next time.


4.40pm – A feeling of deja vu when my previous senior manager complained to me about my new colleague and likewise… *LOL* I wonder how that temp guy is doing now but shall not start a conversation… (He is quite lorso…)

5.22pm – I picked up 10 bucks while on the way back from the restroom! *LOL*

11.15pm – Picked up my new toy, and am updating away…!!

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Food – Sakae Sushi @ Hougang One

This is by far, one of the worst meal that I’d taken for so long. Probably it’s due to my poor appetite too but I attribute mostly to the food (and services). There wasn’t much choices (to my mum) to consider for dinner at Hougang One. So after pondering for quite a while, we decided to go for Sakae Sushi, one which I used to hang out really often (like more than 10 years ago before all the other Japanese restaurants started popping out like nobody’s business). But then, I stopped going to Sakae Sushi after the company’s direction decided to change where instead of offering cheap and good food, they started to come up with a lot of new innovation and combination of food, and INCREASED the price of it.

Anyhow, I cast that thought aside and decided to give it a try again. The first impression was already bad. I stood at the waiting area for minutes but yet no one came out to serve us. Wrong, I didn’t even see any waiter or waitress at all. I would have assumed that they were closed for business had not for that few customers having their meals inside. It was only after around 5 minutes, when my dad carried little milkie inside, then suddenly one lady came out from nowhere. I seriously wonder where they are hiding. Well, or should I say, probably they were a bit shorthanded for I only get to see 1 waiter and 1 waitresses throughout that dinner. To add on, it’s 2 person who has equally bad face.

Service, I would say. Was bad. I didn’t even get my green tea… Sigh…


Taste? Sigh… even worse. None of the food tasted nice. I couldn’t even really find what I want to eat in the menu. In the end, I decided to eat a bit of whatever they all had ordered. I’m glad I did and save that money. Little milkie’s udon tasted tasteless. The salmon was a little too dry. Chawanmushi is tasteless too. My tuna mayo is those from the cans and there’s so little. Tori karaage sucks. BBQ chicken tasted like those that I ate at Sazeriya, which means it’s oven-baked. What else is nice? I wondered…

Price? Gosh! $97+! When there’s only 3 main course + a kid’s main course! How did it add up to that??? I would have a lot more tastier food had I went to Ichiban.

So that’s it. No more Sakae Sushi no matter what. That’s my review for it, after sooooooooooo long. Thank you.

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Food – Marugoto Shokudo @ Broadway Plaza

The impression wasn’t really that good at the moment I stepped into this restaurant. Other than the fact that there wasn’t any crowd at all. Wrong, there’s no other customers except US. The stench of some unpleasant smell is way too strong to ignore (those where the table wasn’t wiped clean). But still, we went ahead as my colleague kept insisting to try it.


So here we are, in this restaurant that can hold (estimated) at least 50 over people, and serves a varieties of Japanese food. It’s located at the Broadway Plaza at Ang Mo Kio Central, just opposite the market. And it’s somewhat near to one of the bus stop opposite of the standalone McDonald’s. So basically, the location was alright.

I was looking for my Salmon Teriyaki Bento set but I couldn’t find any (they only sell it in ala carte), and so I ordered the Curry Tori Karaage Set, which includes one dessert and soup. Anyway, the food came a while later, and it was quite presentable. Not exactly splendid but still alright.


How about the taste? Hmm… I would say… so so. For some reasons, it just didn’t catch my attention. So is the dessert, which I only took a mouthful. Maybe it’s because my first impression wasn’t really that good and thus the big discount on it.

As for the price, it wasn’t really that fantastic or attractive either…

Will I go again? Hmm… I doubted it. Let’s hope others would love their food.

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Food – Ministry of Food (MOF) @ AMK Hub

What do you do when you are so pissed off, and needed something to balance yourself up? One of the easiest way – EAT! After hearing all the bad news early this morning, my whole day was almost ruined. It didn’t take me long to decide that I’ll go for a nice meal so as to perk myself up (and probably applies the same for my colleagues). And so, right at the lunch time, we dashed off as quickly as possible, to Ang Mo Kio Hub.

So here we are, at the MOF @ Japanese Sweets & Coffee at Ang Mo Kio Hub. It’s located at the basement 1 of the AMK Hub, relatively near to one of the escalators. For this branch, there’s only Japanese food, and there’s quite a wide varieties. The prices are quite affordable too although for the same price, I might prefer Ichiban instead.


I ordered a salmon set, and it cost me around $20. Consist of the salmon and 3 pieces of tori karaage, miso soup, rice and a small little cup of tea. Would be a lot better if they include the chawanmushi. *LOL* Nonetheless, it tastes not too bad.

Not really my first option when it comes to Japanese food, but still, it’s edible. And with it’s accessibility plus the lunch and dinner crowd everywhere else, this could just be one of the options with lesser people (if you are damn hungry and couldn’t wait).

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