Food – Togi @ Triple One Somerset

Korean wave? Yes, yes, it’s time for some spices and kimchi on National Day! So here’s one, according to my sister, that wasn’t that bad. And it has expanded from just one restaurant in Chinatown, to another branch at Triple One Somerset, which is where we are.


The whole area was rather spacious and definitely new. There wasn’t a lot of people today, on a public holiday but I wouldn’t know on a weekday, for there’s quite a lot of offices around. We ordered quite a lot of dishes and I would say generally, it tasted nice. Picture speaks a thousand words so… here’s some of it (there are other food but I was simply too busy to take them).





Personally love the soup with the ramen. And then the kimchi, potato salad and ikan bilis. But the meat tasted nice too. I’m not a meat lover thus I only had too pieces but it was really tasty.

I definitely wouldn’t mind going back to eat again! Definitely easier if you were taking train but if it’s driving, I suggest either parking at Triple One Somerset itself, or along Devonshire road if you manage to find a lot.

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Food – Korean Food @ Greenwich V


Somehow the craving was already there before I reached. And as I walked into the foodcourt, it caught my attention being at the first stall. I knew immediately what I wanted to eat.

Seriously, it’s quite fattening – Kimchi noodles, i.e. kimchi + instant noodles. But I simply needed something savoury and spicy. So without hesitation, after finding a seat, I headed to the stall. It was managed by 2 Chinese and the lady was quite friendly. After waiting for a while, mine was done.

First look. Doesn’t look really that appetizing. Of course, how many can cook kimchi noodles such as those that I like. Soft and bouncy… Anyway, first taste. Well, it’s spicy enough, but definitely not one of the nicest that I’d tasted. The noodles seem a little stiff still. My colleague who had Korean food too, wasn’t really impressed with their set either. SO I guess, this stall is out forever for the both of us.

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